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The Dangers of Smoking Lined Paper

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by Elder Dragon, May 12, 2012.

  1. So I was out with my buddy but we forgot my papes, so I was going to try and roll with lined paper. It wasnt too bad, rolled it up like a blunt just layering on the saliva. We ended up with a pretty thick feeling joint, like the whole thing was cardboard and it did seem to smoke a little fast...but either way, my friend mentioned he had heard that smoking the lined paper is bad, because of the chemicals and shit they put in there to bleach it and such. I mean, obviously it's not the best, and the ink of course, but as just a one time thing I didn't really see the harm. I was wondering if anyone else has a similar experience or knows if this stuff really does do any serious damage? Over time or after just one, doesn't matter, I'm really just curious in general here.
  2. wtf lined paper.... IF I'm ever without some sort of chillum or one hitter i will go to the store and grab an apple or something.. white lined paper not only has bleach but ink and other chemicals

  3. I know, I said that in the OP, I was wondering more about the possible effects.
  4. you won't have any effect at all. if anything you would have got a headache right then and there... your not going to end up getting cancer or a lung infection. your not going to die from smoking lined paper once...
  5. Are you some 12 year old fiending to get high or something?

    That is soo nasty! there's so much shit in that from carbon monoxide, wood fibers, bleach and cyanide, hope it was worth it and that shitty taste lol
  6. My buddy did that in middle school way back ( like 8 years) but it was yellow lined paper. He got ink poisoning and spent a week in the hospital. I always carry papers in my wallet and I usually have my bong in a guitar case. But I'm curious if I'm walkin around with a guitar case can the cops say anything?

  7. yeah, that

    it would probably have to be regular use for a certain amount of time to cause any complications.
  8. your fine. just dont do it everyday. its no worse then having a single cigarette or getting a minor sun burn.
  9. Haha ahhh i used to do that back in middle school you'll be fine jus dnt do it again
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    Cool thanks guys, pretty much what I figured. I think I did notice a bit of a headache afterwards as you were mentioning Evolution. I forgot my papes so figured like it would be something I would like to try once lol....probably not worth it for a second time.

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