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The Danger Element

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Smithnpeek, Jun 24, 2004.

  1. What's that?
    What's what?
    Dude, I didn't hear anything, calm down.

    Nothing beats smoking where you know any minute you could get caught. Like just last week my friend and I smoked in my mom's bedroom closet, as she slept.
  2. I'd like to smoke with this guy.

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  3. I'd say smoking in a dangerous area just kills the high.

    I'd much rather relax on a comfortable couch, listen to some good tunes, and just kick back.

    Don't have to worry about coughing, can keep the music how loud as you want, no need to be quiet or anything.

    Chill spot > Sketchy spot

    By the way, Makeitelectric, is that you? Bwhahahah. :D
  4. I wouldnt smoke with anyone who likes bud light

  5. i agree with VW, a lotta times smoking in dangerous places it can mess up the high, that might just be me though because by dangerous i mean its my friends and me in MY car in some stupid place ripping bongs, but if im in a buddys car blazn in a dangerous place its really fun haha, i like to blaze at the crib personally
  6. Yah, its alot easier to enjoi the high when you dont have to listen for rustling leaves and shit... .but sometimes its what you need to put new life in your smoking habits
  7. (sorry i forgot)


  8. THat picture is incredibly funny haha. Still gets me.
  9. I think that guy goes to my school hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha thats a huge bitch

  10. oh yeah, the bus was good times. sitting int he back with the cool 8th graders when i was in 5th grade. lol
  11. I stopped riding the bus after 4th grade.

    Whats this thread about, haha.
  12. ^^^ Not about riding the school bus, that's for sure!

  13. ya whenever an emotion besides happinies kicks in it kills my high... being scared i do not care for....
  14. Ya, lika tha regular Bud is any good...

    I'll quote....again:

    American beer is like sex on the beach
    Fucking close to water. is french, lol
  15. who is that guy? reminds me of someone i know...
  16. shit reminds me of the time the first time i actually got high, i mean, i smoked but the shit never kicked in, anyways, it kicked in the first time when i was caught in a situation, smoking a blunt with 2 strangers, 1 had a gun (which i didnt know until he pulled it out) and threatened to shoot the other passenger in my car. all this shit while smoking a blunt, talk about fuckin miserable...anyways, after the dood with the gun got pissed and wanted out, i told the other guy he had to go too, i drove off, parked in a parking lot further up the road and freaked the fuck out...mostly because i never got high when i smoked. what a time for weed to kick in for the first time. so that harmless situation (as i look at it know) was a dangerous situation i suppose that had the opposite effect lol. sorry for jackin.

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