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The dab sweats are real

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NYCchronic, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. So pretty much the topics name. I find the dab sweats to be VERY real as I start sweating instantly after I dab, If im wearing a sweater and I take a glob....forget about it.
    So what is your opinion on the dab sweats? do you get them? why do you think it happens?
    I feel like it is attributed to a raised heart rate and coughing and also the breathing that you do when you are in a coughing state!!
    stay smacked  :hello:  :smoke:  :smoking:  :bongin:

  2. Yea its probably the coughing amongst other things ... I know when me & my smoke buddies dab we're coughing like bitches . I only sweat a lil bit & only if it was a big hit ... Coughing is more of a problem for me than sweating , but thats just me ...
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    Yes my brother the coughing from dabbing is real as well! I am prone to sweating though idk why, I feel like my core temperature is very high. My sweating is triggered instantly by a change in temperature, like going from the outside cold into a heated environment. I cannot wear sweaters inside, its actually a pain in the ass. Maybe its because im just very massive, as in alot of mass not like freak beast jacked jajajaja
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    Dont see the need for dabs...its more like crowd following to me...the hits are so powerful you really have no choice in how high you get other than one hit and thats it...why not toke up a joint like every other swinging dick on the planet? Putting thc in enemas are the next big fad...gets ya super stoned, even more than gonna stick some primo up yer butt when that gets popular? Jes yankin yer chain big dawg...but seriously, dabbing is for kids who find the whole stoner culture a consumerists good reason to get so high so fast...slow down and enjoy the trip...nothing like the aroma, taste and feel of a creamy burning j. All the goober gear associated with dabbing makes one look like a stoner geek with too much money and too little sense...burn one for the old timers buddy and enjoy your high...
  5. While the taste of some fruity weed in a joint is literally heaven, I enjoy dabs.
  6. Nothing wrong with enjoying it...but coughing and sweating doesnt sound too "enjoyable" to me, lol,,,,
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    Really dug the sounds....thanks...reminded me old Yes...then blending into a Steely Dan kinda I can't turn it guys need a vocalist and lyricist...then youre OFF!
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    First of all I love your profile picture. Secondly I do enjoy weed my man, I smoke weed too! But I was just asking about this particular thing to know what you guys think and what your experience is. For me starting to dab was more of a money saving technique and also an answer to a tolerance problem for me. I live on the east coast and dabbing is certainly becoming more popular but it's not like "the thing" to do. Very few ppl in my circle avidly dab and own their own setup.

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  9. I'm just an avid minimalist. I have always found the best "tools" needed to do a thing are usually the simplest..therefore getting high only requires me to have a single paper and a match...though I understand the love of tools by some...gadgets...bongs, rippers, bubblers, percs, nails, vape pens, vaporizers, ets etc....its a big business now and the marketing of such things is in high gear..just look at this old simple tokers are outnumbered here now..its a new world....
    Yeah, well I guess it comes to a point where weed isn't strong enough for the pain anymore...
    CBD herb and dabs
    that's it
    dabs have immense medicinal value
    I switched over mostly from smoking herb out of a bong everyday and the pain relief is so much better. So much cleaner hits every time... 
    oh and by the way, I'm able to get my oil at a ratio that's cheaper than buds; it lasts longer for me.
    your statement is ignorant
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  11. To be honest, I like coughing and sweating after a fat hit, It's gotten more enjoyable over the years since I got used to it.
  12. Amen to that my bro. The simple way to do things is often the best way and I can relate to that. I can also relate to the gadget obsessed stoner jaja. I love my bongs, rigs, torches, nails and dabbers the only thing I don't own is a vape....because idk I never was a fan of not seeing the smoke. It always comes back to the pape and herb though. It's the origin of everything. The only reason that I don't smoke the simple way with papes and prefer waterpipes is because of the health benefits. A little water filtration and no paper bein inhaled makes a difference in the long run!

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    If someone could convince me that taking huge dabs would contribute to me coughing, sweating, and farting, I might just consider giving dabs a try.
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    Lol....No, my statement wasn't "ignorant", my assumptions were based on "ignorance" of the facts...the FACT that dabs are a CHEAPER alternative for anyone never came into my calculations...but thanks for the summation of all that I am in a simple word....asshole. And I mean that in the nice way....
    There, I fixed that for you.
    By the way, I have no idea what you mean by "assumption of the facts," because I would just "assume" that before someone bashes a whole medicinal & recreational culture that they might know what they were talking about first. All "dabbing" is, is the motion of touching the oil to the nail to create vapor. Hash oil has been around for a long time; it's just a more potent version of herb. 
    You have a toothache from dental surgery? You probably got prescribed Hydrocodone.
    You fell from a 3rd story building with severe spinal injury? You probably got prescribed something much harder like Oxycontin.
    Same concept. Both can be used recreationally just like herb and hash respectively; I'm not condoning that I'm just explaining the correlation here.
    This is coming from someone who hates the stigma that's come from the increasing recreational trend of dabbing and was very hesitant to take that leap into rigs and oils. 
  16. shits getting HEATED kinda like my body temperature when dabbing! jajjajajaj
  17. I was sweating something serious yesterday. Had a really dank bag my grinder just ripped through about an onion of and had a lot of keif down in the catcher. Did a big keif bowl...probably 1g or so in a few hits, not trying to be a champion with it. But shit it melted my face and I was sweating like crazy for at least an hour. Just head sweats though, nowhere else. Heated me up. I was smoking on some Strawberry Cough. I know it's not dabbing, but hitting a keif bowl still sets you off just the same. :hippie:
  18. I don't need a lecture on what "Hash oil" is or when or how it is used...I was just UNAWARE that the COST was below that of bud.....and I'm STILL not convinced. Do you have any idea how MANY buds it takes to make even a small vial of that stuff? I dont know where you are getting yours but I'd wager a dollar to your doughnut you are paying MORE for PURE oil than for the equivelent amount of BUD, as for adulterated, blended oil, I'm sure you can catch that pretty take your sarcastic little potty mouth back to Junior College and try being nice to an old guy....I was smoking Lebanese Hash (and oil) when you were crapping your diapers in that trailer park you were raised in.
    That last park about the trailer park was perfect jaja. For me, If I buy a quarter I get that for 80$ it will last me about two days. When I get a gram of wax for 60$ it lasts me three. So for me it is actually cheaper to smoke oils. Everyone has different prices though and everyone lives in a different area so its probably not the case for the vast majority. 
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    I found some commercial co2 extraced sativa oil at 30 dollars a gram in Colorado.....damn...tht seems steep in price to me...but thats just me..
    and that price is good ONLY if you buy 10 grams

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