The D.E.N.N.I.S system

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  1. Hey I was watching it's always sunnny and I was wondering if the Dennis system would work i don't want to do
    It I have a soul but I was curious
  2. I forgot what the letters stand for but remember the idea. Does it work? Yes on not too smart girls(so any girl between 16-28) and with flawless execution. Not to mention some of those measures are a bit extreme and unrealistic and will be hard to pull off irl. Give it a shot and report back.
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    If it itself didn't work, the fact that someone made an It's Always Sunny reference would make me at least a little into a dude.

    ...i guess they wouldn't tell me they were using that system.
  4. Demonstrate Value
    Engage Physically
    Nurture Dependence (only one i couldn't remember :rolleyes:)
    Neglect Emotionally
    Inspire Hope
    Separate Entirely

    It's pretty foolproof, works on a much faster scale at bars, parties, etc. though. Even charlie and mac said dennis takes too long to seduce his chicks :devious:
  5. Lol charlie gets dee stabbed to demonstrate value

    fucking love sunny
  6. It's the D.E.N.N.I.S. System, dude, of course it works....
  7. ill whip that little bitch in the face
  8. Unfortunately and Embarrassingly, it is a flawless system...
  9. The system works to have great sex with a woman, But it will not let you get the chick back at any time.

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