The Cycle of Life

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    The Cycle of Life:
    So, after many hours of pondering.. a little bit of research, and some self patting on the back. I have come to an idea.
    I will do My best to relay these thoughts to you.
    The first few things to remember is: There is a pattern found throughout nature and life, that pattern is a cycle. A cycle is continuous. "noun 1. any complete round or series of occurrences that repeats or is repeated."
    The quote "The circle of life" is relative to this. A circle is a 2d image. We live in a 3d world. So if you draw a circle motion and move up and down in dimension it creates a spiral, or a cycle.
    And also remember: There is no such thing as 'nothing'. 'Nothing' does not exist. So everything is something. Even the distance between your adorable face and the screen has millions of particles and atoms floating 'invisibly' inbetween that space. So there for 'nothing' does not exist. Everything is something.
    So that sets a basis for reincarnation..
    And now I'll do My best to explain:
    Existence over rides consciousness. Consciousness over rides self awareness.
    Those are the 3 dimensions of our 3 dimensional world. Existence, Consciousness, and Self Awareness.
    A rock exist but is not conscious. A fly is conscious but not self aware. A human is self aware of its own life and death.
    Our reality only exist in the 5 senses that we have but it does not mean it is everything we know. As I said, everything is something and we can only perceive a small percentage of that.
    Now.. Before you were born, you existed.. As a sperm.. but before you were a sperm where did you come from? A cell? A genetic code? A 2D existence.. And where before that? Energy. A 1D Existence.
    A human comes from 2 separate existences and become one energy and one consciousness. The sperm and egg come from separate sources but carry the same energy. We are all one consciousness experiencing itself perceptively, but that is a 4th dimension and beyond our 5 sense and I will not be touching upon that.
    So the sperm and egg cell are a good basis of life before the life we know and understand. The sperm had enough consciousness to swim around in search for an egg. So before your life you existed. Existence is eternal. you will always exist. Even in death your energy is released and you continue an existence.
    This energy always exist, making time irrelative. Time does not really exist. Its a man made perception and measurement. So in this eternal existence your energy eventually became strong enough to manifest itself into a physical presence. If this energy was able to manifest itself once, who is to say it can not manifest itself again? It may take "millions of years" in a human perceived time frame, but energy is not bound by time or space. If the pattern found through out life is a cycle and cycles are continuous and energy is always existing, why can it not cycle into a 3 dimensional self awareness?
    Ultimately we are nothing more than a vibration of light. If our energy is the vibration of the light then its very plausible for an eternal existence specked with moments of awareness..
    I have written a lot and am super baked atm and never actually put this to printed word before so I don't know how understandable it all is but hopefully it sparks a thought in My fellow blades.. Im gonna spark a bowl and read it over and try to tough upon things if possible.[​IMG]

  2. <sup>TLDR?</sup>
  3. I liked it.
    There are already some existing theories on this same thing.
    I just dnt understand how the picture at the bottom correlates with what you have typed out.
  4. How can you factually say a fly isn't self aware? They do have to maintain their well being right?
  5. Nothing does exist. Nothing is nonexistence.

    Before you were born you were nonexistent.

    When you die, you will return to a state of nonexistence.

    Your existence in essence is just your consciousness.

    As that dies, so will you.

    There's nothing beyond death, no higher purpose or meaning.

    We only discovered the big bang 85 years ago.

    Sure we don't know what was before right now but that doesn't mean we'll never know or that it's beyond our comprehension.
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    Most modern science refutes the big bang theory and states the universe always existed.. And no, nothing does not exist, you clearly fail at metaphysics, go back to school and learn some more. If you did not exist before birth than what is a sperm and an egg? Is that not you? did you not come from a sperm and an egg? or did you magically appear out of no where? And where did the sperm and egg come from? DNA code. There is always existence, your mind is just too poor to comprehend it.
  7. because a fly is a simple creature. it lives mostly by impulse. its a simple being. a conscious being, but not one that is aware of itself.
  8. Again, how can you factually say that?

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