The curse of hirsute nipples

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by smokehound, Nov 4, 2014.

  1.  pretty much self-explanatory.. I cant be the only guy that hates having no chest hair, except around the nipples.  It just looks so weird to me, like areola beards..  I have to carefully trim them so it doesnt look like I have a pair of parasitic twins on my pectorals (or lack thereof).  One of these days, there's going to be an earthquake, and I'll be missing a nipple.

     Anyone else annoyed by this?  (the hairiness of the nipples, not cutting one off during a tremor)
      Freakin native american DNA...
  2. You ever thought of trying the laser removal route?
  3. Well, a LITTLE hair is okay.  I dont shave them, i just trim them so they aren't little nipfros
  4. I am a hairy beast. Got to keep that shit trimmed and clean
  5. Areola beards omg :laughing:
    And yeah, I get it, but probably not as bad as you. I usually pluck the most offensive hairs and trim those that aren't so bad.
  6. Dont worry, theyre for an additional and more extensive form of titty twisting.

    Grow them out and tie then together. Slowly bring ur chest togetjer, giving you bewbs

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  7. I have hair on my nipples.
  8. Im going to let one nipple fro out, then I'm going to take a picture with the trimmed side and bushy side.
  9. I get hair on my nipples too, but only like 5 of them. And if I don't keep them in check they can reach lengths of 2 to 3 inches.
    Whenever I have to look down to trim the nips I get dizzy.
  10. Put extenstions in and then dred em out...nipple dreds would be sick dope awesome ill
  11. Lol I had a weird fuckin dream last night because of this thread..  I was watching the simpsons, so my brain merged the two together, and I dreamt I wrote a speech bubble over the hairy nipple saying "At least let me brush my hair, It's all wild and bushy!"   and the other one said "What do you care?  Loner!"  

     :laughing:   My brain is so weird sometimes 

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