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  1. what is the best curing process and please explain each step. Mold sux!!
  2. let it dry out in a cool dark area, like a closet etc, not the attic where it gets too hot. After couple of weeks check the stems and see how they bend. If they snap instantly its too dry. if they bend but don't break, its still too wet, if they bend slightly and then break, its ready.

    Trim the bud from the plant and discard the yellowed fan leaves. Pack the bud in airtight glass jars, but don't jam them up. around 1 to 1.5 oz per quart mason jar.Seal them up and stick them in a dark place for a couple of days. After that open them up and see how they smell, if they smell green, leave 'em open for another day. If they smell Ok, seal them up and let 'em cure for a couple more days. repeat this process for as long as you can hold out or for a couple of months and by then they will cure.

    If its too dry, place some fresh orange peel (peel only no fruit) in the jar to remoisten the bud, check daily for mold and allow to air out as above when needed. You can also add orange peel to any bud undergoing curing and it will have a nice flavor and odor to it.
  3. i just picked my buds, i have about 2 oz's wet. i let them sit out in the closet over night. and i am now sealing them in a jar. when is the right time to start burping the jar. and how often do i burp.
  4. Its not that easy you have to let them dry out more before you seal them in a jar have a look at they have a good page exsplaining from start to finish

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