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The cure for cotton mouth

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by weedlover2011, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. Salt is the cure! Well it was for me anyway. I just got a little bit of water and some salt and rinsed my mouth for about a minute and my mouth felt normal but DON'T drink the water cos that would be bad :D lol

    post whether this worked for you
  2. Water :D!

  3. Gum is a very good solution

  4. water only relieves it for a few minutes, when I rinsed my mouth with salt I didn't have any more cotton mouth for the rest of the high
  5. Uhm yeah I wouldn't do that. Everyone knows salt water causes cotton mouth.

  6. well then why did it work for me?

    try it before you comment
  7. [quote name='"weedlover2011"']

    well then why did it work for me?

    try it before you comment[/quote]


    Cotton mouth is where you don't produce saliva. Salt should make that worse.
  8. [quote name='"mushroomsatsuji"']


    Cotton mouth is where you don't produce saliva. Salt should make that worse.[/quote]

    Why don't you fucking try it before calling him a liar. It's pretty easy to tell if you have cotton mouth or not so a placebo on this case is implausible.
  9. Gum is a great solution. I also find that fruits like apples/oranges help as well. But I don't really get cotton mouth anymore.
  10. salt dehydrates. How in the fuck would that cure cotton mouth?
  11. stay hydrated throughout the day. When you go to smoke, cotton mouth is significantly reduced and in most cases, not present.
  12. Ummm I find liquids are the best, but I guess candy or gum could salivate(is this a word? im high) my dry mouth, but i dont really like sweet stuff :eek:.
  13. That's fucking gross, I'd spit it out the second I put it in my mouth.
  14. Apples

    I love eating an apple after I burn. Nice and juicy crisp apple, can't beat it.
  15. Cotton mouth is when you dont produce saliva, right? And you do know what salt does to water, right?

    So tell me how that is supposed to work
  16. Got to say water works pretty well for me
  17. OJ, works great. Icee, icee coffee, brushing ur teeth.
  18. I get cotton mouth when i smoke. It is a pain. Try fruity sweets that make you salivate. Fruitellas and fruit pastilles help.
  19. Yeah fruity stuff mAkes me drool, buy 5 gum the fruity kind

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