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the cure for burningout?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by brian8472, Oct 8, 2003.

  1. is there any way to help prevent burnout after getting high? i dont eat or drink when im high and i get pretty bad burnout so how do you handle it?
  2. Spearmint rolaids.. Cures the burn out every time!!!!!!
  3. you can smokeup before you settle down in the evening or avoid buying indica...beyond that, maybe you should ease up on the smoking sounds like u have a tolerance :)
  4. ya i do smoke alot :p but how do you tell the differnce between the sativa and indicas?
  5. the buzz, also as a general rule sativas will have a much thinner, longer leaf, easy to see at an early age.
  6. There is no cure for burnout. You just gotta cut down the amount you smoke, but if you are already burnt out you gotta take a little break altogether.
  7. I hate asking this, but im a newb and I am supposed to ask these stupid questions, what does burning out mean?
  8. i heard that if you drink juice it helps with the feeling. i'm not positive it works though....give it a try and let us know
  9. Burnt-out is when your high crashes, usually happens a few hours after you last smoked... you start to feel all tired and unmotivated and shit. Kinda feels like you didnt get enough sleep the night before. It sucks, but if you're perpetually high it'll never hit you!
  10. just take some no-dos, i think that is how its spelled...anyway its a caffeine pill but take them right after you smoke. it makes it seem like you never come down.
  11. i stopped smokin weed before school cuz my high would die out after first period and i would be burnt out for the rest of the day
  12. The only real cure is to quit smokin' for a while. As for me, I don't want to get anything even resembling a tolerance (a long precurser to burnout). I've noticed that I'm starting to build a tolerance, so I'm quitting until Nov. 9th. There'a another thread I started about counting down to Nov. 9th. somewhere around the "Genral" forum.
  13. i hate gettin a tolerance. errr, buh now im jus gonna keep smokin since my tolerance always goes away.
  14. well there are a few ways i have heard to cure a burn out...... caffine pills sometimes work depends on the person.... me personally doesnt work....... umm smoking when u feel burnt out is not a good idea....... it does not enhance ur high it enhances ur burn out so u just feel more burnt out.......... also sometimest he caffine pills make u burnout harder cuz ur body works hard witht he pill and hwen it wears off u crash even worse..... if u know ur burnout times..... ie u smoke alot and kinda know how long it takes before u burn out....... smoke about 1/2 hr before u usually burn out....... it tends to prolong the high sometimes..... also if u feel urself starting to burn out take a big shit......... sometimes that works
  15. shitty advice man and thats no pun i did that i went and pushed as hard as i could to get that shit out so i could get high again and the only reason im still alert and awake is cause im ass is hurting and im scared to shit again

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