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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 5, 2006.

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  1. well, i\'ve developed a cure for aids thats really simple, but will never be put into effect, broadcast on the news for weeks that there is a cure for aids and have government mandated tests for everyone in the U.S. and other countries, then after everyone has been tested call everyone who tested positive for HIV/AIDS and set up an appointment at their local hospital. and here comes the cure.... give them all a lethal injection and throw their corpse into an incinerator and wa fuckin lah, no more aids

    sure its rugged, but it\'ll work, their gonna die anyways might as well speed that shit up n knock off all the aids and there will once again be condomfree orgies like back in the day
  2. what about the other diseases that are contagious/inheritable/etc. yet allow the people to function?

    that would definitely work....but how you gonna organize that neg? huh? are we gonna just waltz into countries that dislike us and tell them how to holocaust their citizens?

    this idea works on paper, but then again so does communism.

    back to the drawing board.
  3. You\'d have to pull some crazy take over the world type hitler type shit to get this to work.

    Interesting idea tho, +Rep.
  4. You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to negligent again.
  5. ok simple cure for the problem of doin it in other countries, any immigrants who come into the US must be tested for HIV and if they have HIV they are not eligible to come into the country, and that will give the US another reason to be like \"we\'re better than you\" haha

    and as far as other diseases, fuck em i just dont want aids man haha
  6. wow.....i think i had a dream about that or SOMETHING cuz it sounds familiar to me....weird shit
  7. Goddamnit, why do I always open these threads?

    I could not read and not respond. I tried. I tried to walk away.....

    <gathers strength>

    I\'m walking away, as my fingers are now tired from clenching my fists in anger...just know that I believe that was a horrible thing to suggest, and I hope that you never have to experience losing a loved one to such a horrible disease. By the way, there are many ways to contract this disease, and I\'ve seen people die because of things that have been done TO them, not because of any decisions they have personally made.

    I\'m sure I\'ll get flamed, or neg repped, but oh well. I\'m sticking with my above statement. What a horrid thing to say.

  8. syphilis makes you insane, and then it kills you. hmm.
  9. :bolt:
  10. I just feel like a little debate or something. About the not letting people into the US with aids. Well you see those people on tv the past week and you know they arent in here legally. Also, who wouldnt have sex with a monkey again? \"Thats all I do is chimps and orangutans.\"(Dave Chappelle: For What Its Worth)
  11. Dude... aids is a goverment developed disease... i swear to god it is! If it wasn\'t why wasn\'t it here long ago, people were dirtier back then...
  12. Ha. I could believe that too. Everyday I am getting more and more negative minded about our government. Its terrible. All I can say is Im moving to Canada ASAP. Its mad chill.
  13. it developed now cause it is a disease found in monkeys that spread to humans all of a sudden i believe. originated in africa, and i highly doubt any african country could afford to develop something like that. bird flu on the other hand...
  14. This could never work man. Think about all those people in africa and shit. theres no way you could get all them. And its not like anything could ever kill Magic Johnson. not even aids.
  15. yea man you gotta love their shit medical programs :rolleyes:
  16. i\'ve often thought a way to significantly reduce genetic disorders and other hereditary diseases would be to sterilize people found to have a disease. that way, they couldn\'t reproduce and spread there tainted seed of destruction. sounds kinda harsh but it would work.
  17. the govt did that with poor people. any femaile who went in for routine surgery from 1950-1970 who were legally in poverty were sterilized.

  18. who are you to tell all those people they should be killed? Men AREN\'T gods....
  19. seeing as there\'s no such thing as gods, fuck it.
  20. i\'m all for shipping them off to a desert island or something (with no means of escape, of course). I just don\'t think people have the right to sentence others to death like that.
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