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    First of all if you haven't seen this you should because this is definitely one of the most informing documentaries I've ever seen. There is so much information and so many perspectives that it pretty much exposes the governments profit driven stance on prohibition and it's ignorance towards marijuana. If you guys saw it: What did you think? Was the information given bias or a stretched truth or was it completely true? What are your comments?

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  2. EXTREMELY important and pertinent post. This kind of information based on science and fact, other than mere opinion needs to be widely disseminated. Two thumbs up for the post and link.
  3. This is an amazing documentary, I've seen many before but this really does tie in alot of points not often discussed. Its a 'Head to Toe' look at the issues behind the legality of Cannabis.
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  4. Excited to watch this! Thanks for sharing
  5. just watched it...and it makes me wonder...
    what if someone tracked the total number of people arrested and criminalized (first time offenders) for nonviolent drug crimes from the day that it became legal in wa/co all the way to the day the very last brick falls? I'm not talking number of arrests, i'm talking just what they said at the end of the documentary "if its not today...someone is going to get arrested today, someone is going to have their life ruined today...and that someone is probably hundreds of people"
  6. Extremely impressed. Pretty sure the narrator is the same guy from The Union. I like how it takes what TaylorUK describes as a head to toe approach that examines every aspect of cannabis in an informed fashion. Really relevant, especially since much has changed from 2014 to say 2007 (when the Union was released).
  7. It's made by the same people

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  8. its sept 2015. saw this on netflix. good stuff. worth watching
  9. This documentary is very informative! Definitely a must watch!
  10. Best documentary about marijuana! I met Jason and Jayden at a restaurant and they were super friendly.

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  11. Very well done and compelling documentary. I got lucky my local family dollar had it for sale, i snagged it up! Almost feel i shouldnt have so more people could watch it though, they only had the one.

  12. I consider it mandatory viewing for everyone in the country. It’s been a while since I have seen it but I remember being blown away. Personally I felt there was a ton of good factual information in it, and someone that’s ignorant on the history of the plant in the states (and everywhere else really) would gain a wealth of knowledge. I already knew much of the information they provided, but I definitely learned some new stuff. I loved it.

  13. 10 years later still flying high

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