The cube in that orange is perfect!

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    Hello folks,
    This is my first post on the city, though I have been observing for some time.
    The other night I experienced something fantastic which I feel you will all be able to enjoy as much as I did, and still am.
    Me and my friends B & K are chillin' out, we hit some buckets, come inside and decide to chill around some more, make some food and eat it.
    We're sitting at K's kitchen table just zoning, talking, laughing, enjoying the bright sun-like lights above us and generally relaxing.
    It was almost as if we had become cold-blooded animals, requiring the warmth of the lights to maintain our comfortable body temperature.
    Then it hits me, the single greatest phenomenon I had ever seen. There was this perfect cube on an orange sitting in a bag. I realize how utterly stupid that must sound (or does it haha?) so I made sure I captured said phenomenon on digital film.
    So now I present to you, THE CUBE IN THE ORANGE. I shouldn't have to point it out, as it seemingly jumps out of the picture at you.



    now look on original image!
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    wait what?

    Edit: your mindfucking me man.
  3. I don't know what you've been smoking, but I want some of that shit.
  4. I dont see it
  5. [​IMG]

    Do you see the pink rabbit?
  6. Edited o.p. For clarity
  7. What the fuck? You edited it and I still dont know what you're seeing.
  8. Are you fucking serious this is not post worthy. You better be really fucked up right now because there is no other excuse.
  9. Yea im high as fuck
    looking through cellphone pictures refreshed my memories of this cube.
    I'm sorry that none of you can experience it the way I have, but this shit tripped me out for like 10 minutes.
  10. cuz this is.:rolleyes:
  11. hahahaha Im totally missing something I guess bc that is the most non-amazing thing ever
  12. Yeah man drugs will do that to you.
  13. In other news, how good are oranges?!
  14. How is it a perfect cube if the lines aren't straight? I am very confused...
  15. That's not a cube, that's a square.

    Way to get my hopes up, jerk.
  16. I thought there was going to be a cube orange or a cube of some sort upon & orange... :(
  17. Yeah I don't see shit.
  18. this thread is weak:smoking:

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