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The Crossjoint: Real or Myth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by budzzzzz, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Ok I just saw pineapple express and in the movie the two main character smoked a crossjoint, where it looked like a cross and they lit the three ends at the same time.

    Now i have to know, is this possible to actually make? In the movie it looked like the craziest shit ive ever seen..
  2. noobs.. lol of course a crossjoint can be rolled.
  3. yes it is i personally dont know how to make them but my friend does and ive seen the finished product.
  4. lol its totally fake because you cant bond pieces of paper together.:rolleyes:
  5. they are completely real i smoke em all the time
  6. that's a new one. gots to check it out.
  7. ahaha thank you I'm going to have to try that very soon :hello:
  8. Haha, yeah I've seen the youtube video before.. never actually smoked one though.
  9. False, you can use the gum from rolling papers to keep papers together. Watch the video posted above.
  10. Dude your in the apprentice tokers section, of course there are noobs here, dont be a tool.
  11. #12 trikky, Aug 8, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 8, 2008

    Kinda makes you look like an asshole to call people "noobs" in the Apprentice Smokers forum.
  12. Its sarcasm man.
    They can be made many different ways. The hardest part is sealing it at the intersection and making sure it burns evenly so the horizontal part doesnt fall off.
  13. No kidding.
  14. As said, yes they are real, and yes they can be tricky, but if you have the time, weed, and papers....

    My only recommendations: Put the joint farther back than you think, to ensure the sides burn down evenly with the middle. Also, roll a HUGE J for the main joint, and if you aren't confident in your paper cutting/ripping skills, double wrap it. It will make your J more firm and it will not tear apart as easy.

    Good luck, these things waste weed like its nobody's business.:eek:
  15. yeah i smoked one .... it wasnt really rolled to good though
  16. Yeah, it definitely is real. Bunch of different ways to roll em, and they are so fun to toke on. Especially at a party. Always fun to pull out the cross joint and see people's reactions haha
  17. i have smoked several :)
    i have a buddy who worked out how to make them
    after watching pinapple express

    they are crazy as hell, but an acheivement for sure
  18. I watched that film and figured out how to make one lol. Smoked beautifully, Wasnt as rough as it looked in the film.
  19. their real but ive never smoked 1. i definatly want to tho it would be crazy as fuck, if u think about the mechanics of it they hit hard as fuck

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