The Creep. (Cont.)

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    This was supposed to be a continuation of "Age differences-Crazy Day-How to go about it?" but felt like if the first one got deleted then this would have also.

  2. CREEPY SANTA AT YOUR SERVICE. I got to say I've seen you around, never got the pleasure to meet.
  3. Apparently you wanted to say something, so be my guest and spill it. I'm a great listener. Don't be to mean.
  4. It was about a thread I had created and I was going to restart it, but figured there was no point if the admins delete again.
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    In The End.
  6. im gonna sit in that chair in the corner and listen to yall.
  7. the thread was about some guy having sex with a 13 year old.
    what happened to the girl? u said she was in hiding or something
  8. What the fuck, that is some sick shit, I'd castrated him.
    My son told me shit what happened to those fucks in prison. My son was in for fighting, two years.
    He didn't have sex with her, or at least we don't know, and we'd like to hope he didn't. Because if he did, he's fucked.
  10. I read this before you edited it, hopefully your cousin stays away from little girls..
  11. So, not candy like edibles?! I have candy! It's hash candies, they're like jolly ranchers that get you hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh.
  12. strangest thread ever
  13. Briiiannna, hard drugs = candy. Hard drugs we don't talk about. You see 2 warnings.
  14. Hippy, why you say that. You see, for I am strange
  15. No, I know we don't talk about hard drugs, I've just only heard them referred to as unmentionables so I wasn't sure if you had some actual candies like me lol.
  16. Definitely strange if you missed the first thread lol.
  17. BRIIIANNNA, how many tattoos you got? I got 7.
  18. Creepy's^ tatted up lol
  19. Ganj, how the motherfuck are you. Yes I love the tatt needles.
  20. I'm good man, same old same old. Yeah I plan on going to get one done soon.

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