The craziest trip you've ever had on any drug.

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  1. Well, im lookin for a good laugh, or maybe something very interesting and deep to sink my mind into...

    For me, it was the time i took 14 grams of mushrooms with 3 of my buddies. They left me alone downstairs, where my 42 inch tv is. We all watched Sweeny Tod: Demon barber, before they went upstairs.

    For anybody who has seen this movie, lol, at the end when sweeny cuts that dudes throat and blood spews out for like...felt like half an hour...We just laughed SO hard for that entire scene. As soon as it started, we all started laughing hysterically.

    Anyways, after they left me, transformers came on, on movie central. I have no recollection of the entire movie except up to the part where Megatron first comes out. I remember kind of zoning into the movie, looking down, seeing all my clothes on the floor. Somehow i wound up ass naked on the couch. As i looked up, Megatron looked at me through the tv and was like "JACOB (My last name)...IM GOING TO KILL YOU"

    I have never been that terrified in my entire life...I remember as soon as he said that i screamed "HOOOOOOLLLLY FUUUUUUUCCCCCK" for like 30 seconds, then they all came running downstairs to see me naked on the couch screaming at transformers.

    Not my best moment. We had also smoked dope for about half an hour before hand. :smoke:
  2. DXM, oddly enough.

    The night started out as a normal enough DXM night, I took my usual dose and got my usual effects until we went back to my friend's house and we were changing in her bedroom, and she said that she felt fat so I took off her shirt and mine and my shorts and we laid on her floor naked and held hands and then she said she felt better.

    We did walked her dog and by the time we were halfway through the walk I could hardly see and I think I was talking about feelings and all this other crap, I hardly remember.

    We went back to her house, went into her basement and eventually ended up playing this really crazy music that's for meditation. This is where it got just.. completely weird. She has this waiting room in her basement since her mom is a therapist and it was completely pitch black, so we went in there with the music still playing and closed the door, rolled around on the floor for a while and then I just laid there and I couldn't see anything at all, just melting shapes and colors, except everything was black and white and orange. I got really freaked out then, because my whole body was freezing and I asked her to take me out, that if she didn't I was going to get lost in the universe and I'd never come back.

    We sat in the normal part of her basement for a little while, and by then she was coming down and I was still in my peak, and somehow she ended up giving me a back massage while the music was still playing. I was laying face down on the couch and I had my eyes closed and I felt like I was traveling through space and her hands on my back were meteors and I was a giant and nothing ever felt so good. I can't even describe what it felt like; it was like floating through nothingness and having invisible hands massaging me and I could feel my entire body tingling like it was burning, but a good painless kind of burn.

    By the time she finished, I sat up and realized where I was again, that I wasn't floating through the universe with the stars and solar systems, but I told her what happened anyway.

    We went back into the dark room, and we just sat there, and she held onto my hand this time and I remember how warm she felt and it was like she was a tether keeping me from floating away.

    I felt like my mind had been split into two different people and this other person had taken over, and apparently I was talking really dreamy-like and me and her talked about life and eating disorders and how good she felt.

    I told her about how there was a snake floating across the ceiling, and then that there was a train coming towards me and I started laughing, and then in the middle of my sentence I started talking normally again and I said, "Okay, I'm back now," and from then on it felt like that other person in my head, the one that took me traveling through the universe and hallucinated trains and snakes on the wall disappeared.

    It was a pretty significant thing for me, because it was the first time that I was able to be high and not dwell on the bad things in life or make myself miserable. Okay, that sounds overdramatic, but it's true. I wasn't unhappy or anything, I just laid on the couch for the rest of the night thinking about life and people and anything, really, and for the next few days I felt sorta.. I dunno, at peace with myself.

    I don't know what happened, but it changed my outlook on life.

    /wall of text.

    lmao, kind of ridiculous, I know.
  3. There is no way I could have sat my ass down in front of a tv while on shrooms. An eighth blew my mind! 1 gram was cubensis and 2.5 grams were some South American strain...such a good experience.

  4. Hahaha, thats crazy man. That sounds intense as fuck. The only experience i've had that even comes close to something like that was on 6 blotters.

  5. Yeah, like i said, i have no recollection of what happened during the first part of transformers, no idea whatsoever, just somehow ended up naked. But please, go on, you have peaked my interest.
  6. you probably saw megan fox and took your clothes off because she's hot.

  7. Haha holy crap. Yeah that was the most intense experience I've ever had.. so far anyway.

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