The Craziest Thing You've Ever Seen

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  1. Just recalling this one time my family and I were out for a trip to a nearby city ( for those of you Familiar with SO CAL, I was on Whittier Blv. on the border of Whittier and Montebello) We were going out to eat and just check out anything, and while were walking down the street we see a pair of dudes runnign down the side walk in the opposite direction that we were going, and we didn't think much at first untill..

    We hear a loud screech of tires at the intersection and I look back and see a black escalade that is disrupting traffic and the two guys (who were running in that direction) crossed the street and ran back were they came from, just no on the opposite side of the street from where I was.

    So the passenger door of the escalade opens and I see a little baldheaded cholo running quick after these guys, by this time me and me family had all ran in a nearby furniture store and were standing behind the Big Screens watching all this (Living in So Cal you hear enough about the innocent bystanders getting killed), and the cholo catches up with the two guys and grabs one of them and elbows hit face hard, while the guy he just hit, is standing there in pain, he catches the other guy and beats the living shit out of him untill he drops to the ground all bloody:smoking: and just stops moving.

    Then he goes back to the guy he elbowed and puts him up against a wall and socks him in the face a couple times, I see him run back to the car and I noticed he had brass knuckles on, he hops in the whip and they take off. We go out to see the two guys, but ass soon as the cholo peeled out, these guys got their shit together and booked it.

    5 min later the cops are driving up and down the street with gauges in their lap.

    Oh and I also saw an RV engulfed in flames on the freeway once.

    Any other stories?
  2. man that is intense. I wanna see something like your first story happen in real life. The only thing that comes to my mind as crazy is watching a wall freeze and un freeze. haha It was my first time on acid.
  3. Watching two friends get murdered right infront of me by a dealer, i was standing right beside them.
  4. yeesh, that sucks:(, mind if I ask how you escaped with your life out of such an ordeal?:confused:
  5. christ man, that sucks, can we hear the story if you feel up to it, if its too tough np.

    the craziest thing i saw was on 9/11, i geuss you can tell what it was

  6. Dude you actually were there?! or are you reffering to watching it on TV?
  7. He didn't want me dead, he wanted them because they owed him money.

    2 friends owed a dealer about $200 for coke, they didn't pay up when they were supposed to and he just shot one in the head and one in the throat.

    This was about 6 months ago..I'm still pretty much mentally fucked over it.
  8. damn man, I wasn;t expecting stories like this but, Im left with nothing to say, having never been through anything like that. Take care of yourself though out there:eek:, I hope you got a new dealer.
  9. im sorry dude, thats terrible, honestly its hard drugs like that shit that fuck the reputation of the sweet leaf

    dude, i was there and my uncle was in the building next door but he made it out
  10. Thanks for the support man and yeah I got a new dealer.
  11. Last winter (and i live in michigan, so there was snow) there was this large man (like 600 lbs) trying to hitchhike. He was only wearing shirt. Obviously that is one crazy ass mo fo, of which i don't know who would pick him up...
  12. well when i was still living in el monte(in so cal) the house across the street from mine was getting raided and there was a big stand off
    the guys were just posted up in there not comming out and there was a shit load of cops outside guns drawn and about two or three choppers circling the house
    about an hour later they gave up and came out
    and a few months later the same exact thing happened at the same house
  13. A few years back there was a stand off in my neighbor hood, which is in a quite simple place, and out in the country too. This guy just was speeding down our massive street hill and stoped in the culdisack[sp?] and a bunch of police were there blocking off him being able to go up the street and he would keep putting his gun to his head and cops from higher up on the branch were there, i can't exactly remember. My family was freaking out and we all had to get ready and put our shoes on to be able to run just incase he was going to do something crazy. But police men were around our house like hiding in the woods...He eventually gave up and a bunch of police men were parked up the street with him in handcuffs sitting on the back of a truck.
  14. damn that is crazy.

    well i cant recall the craziest thing i saw but last night my friend A and i were driving around chiefin. and we went to park at some dead end for some unknown reason. and we heard a dog barking and it sounded kinda close so we thought people saw us or some shit. idk we just got paranoid. and so we start to leave. my friend backed up a bit and went to pull in someones driveway to turn around. and right in front of us was a huge dead deer on the trailer of someones truck. a fuckin deer! just laying there. not covered or anything. obviously this person went hunting but just doing nothing but turning around and we see this big deer lying there. crazy.
  15. i was in provincetown MA. which is a serious gay and lesbian community(i have a house on cape cod/uncle who lives in P-town), so i was relatively bored and uninterested. until i hear a loud crash from down the street. i looked back and see a crazy looking white guy running out of a restaurant. and when i say crazy, i mean crazy.

    he had a red bandana twisted around his shaved head. he had that wrinkly skin that only meth-addicts and 15 year old pugs can achieve. and it had that dirty, motor oil look to him. he was wearing a wife beater and jeans.

    it looked like he flipped the table at the restaurant(which was a nice place). he started running in the direction of me and my family. he stopped, turned around and yelled back, "I HAAAAAAAAAD TO DO IT MAN!!!! I HAAAAD TO DO IT. YOU GOTTA TAKE IT UP A NOTCH!!!!!" then he kept running with his head down. he ran past me and i heard him mumbling, "..... take it up a notch ..... had to do it....." pretty creepy

    another time i was at my computer(just like i am right now). then i saw a cop pull up at my neighbors house, i could see my dad out there with a few of the other neighbors. so i walked out to see what happened. a deer had been hit by a car(i live in a very heavily wooded area, it happens a lot). the only thing that made our situation any different was that this deer wasn't killed by the accident(which is amazing because people fly by my house at like 45 MPH all the time). the cop decided that the deer was beyond helping(this thing got fucked up). the cop asked us to stand back, pulled out his pistol and shot the deer in the chest.

    but it did not die.... He let it bleed for 5 minutes, when it was still alive and still crying, he shot it two more times. it survived that too. after that he hit it with another two shots. he tried to let it bleed out again, but for some reason the deer would not die. it was freaky as shit. so he finally broke down and opened his trunk. he pulled out a shot gun and shot it in the stomach(disgusting). if you looked at the deer you could see that it was still breathing, sort of. it was definitely gonna die so the cop left and let it bleed out.

    that torn up deer carcass was left outside my neighbors house for about 5 days after that
  16. ^^^ What kind of fuck tard cant hit a deer in the head or heart from point blank range? You, sir, have some especially shitty cops.
  17. Now that is some crazy shit man, good thing you didn't have no animal rights people in your neighbor hood or it probably would've made national news.
    Nice stories keep em coming
  18. I was in Tijuana, Mexico with my family eating in some restaurant on the second story of a building. We had already eaten and given the waiter the money for the bill and were just waiting to get our change. We had been waiting for like 15 minutes and were like donde the fuck is this guy. I looked out into the street because I had seen our waiter out there before trying to get people to come into the restaurant. There he was, in handcuffs, up against a cop car. My dad said to one of the guy who works there (this big guy in an expensive looking suit, the restaurant was definitely not his only source of income) that we needed our change but our waiter was getting arrested. The guy said something in spanish then ran into the back and came out with like 5 other rich looking mexican guys and went out into the street. They got in an argument with the cops and one of the mexicans pushed the cop so he got arrested too. The rest of the rich mexican guys came in, one of them put our change on the table and went back to the back of the restaurant and we left.
  19. Haha that's like something you'd see in a movie. When I see shit like that, I feel like a studio audience or something, waiting for the right moment to applaud.
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    I honestly can't think of anything... like, my mind is drawing an absolute blank. But this thread is going to be epic so I'm subscribing, and when I think of the craziest thing i've ever seen I'll post it here :p

    I have seen a house get raided by police... me and a few friends were walkin home when like 10 cops and swat van show up out of no where... we seriously didn't even see em coming... next thing we know they have a house right down the street from where we were surrounded and a 6 foot 5 black dude runs out the back and gets tackled by cops. it was awesome.

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