The Craziest Thing You Did While Baked

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by The Heretic, May 6, 2006.

  1. Yes, marijuana is great at making people do weird and bizarre shit, as I have learned time and again. So, if you would share some stories about weird-ass stuff you did after puffin' a doob or ten, that would be great, for we all know that there are some good stories out there!

    Personally, the craziest thing I ever did was steal the car of the guy that lives across the hall from me (yeah, that sounds bad, but he had it comin' to him. He narced on me while I was at a concert, then broke into my apartment and stole all my weed and booze while I was getting arrested). After I drove away with his shitty little Geo, I went to an old gravel pit and started doing burnouts for about 30 minutes or so. All the gravel flying up from the tires shredded the hell out of the car's paint. When I was done, I brought the car to my dealer's place and we hid it in his garage until midnight or so. Up until the aforementioned time, my dealer and I had a grand time smashing the windows, scratching the paint even more, carving up the interior with a knife, taking out the stereo, leaving a fat shit in the glove compartment and even removing all the doors. At midnight, we drove it back to my apartment and finished the job. We poured a bunch of sugar into the gas tank, slashed the tires and ripped a bunch of shit out of the engine before bookin' it back to my unit for a good blazin' session!
  2. such a peaceful stoner.

    and when i say peaceful stoner, i mean dick.

    can we say overkill?
  3. Overkill? Are you serious? He was being nice....I woulda probably done that, fucked his mom, shot his dad, and then beat the fuck outta the narc.
  4. if the guy narced on him then jacked his shit while getting arrested i say more power to him
  5. Nice, he had it comin to him. It sounds like he deserved it.
  6. lol hey i got a geo! lol its a POS but i actually took it to like 95 mph in a 35 mph zone while high as hell. i was giving my friend and his mom a ride to the doctor and they were late so i gunned the shit out of it. it took it a good 15 seconds to get up to speed but damn it was flying. lol and it didnt have tags and a rear window.
  7. Yeah, it kind of was "overkill," but I had no criminal record before that. That ***** got me in shit with Popo AND now I got a record and can't leave the damn country! I may just have gone a little too far, but man, what would you have done, eh? Sometimes a brother can't help himself, especially when my neighbor used to be a good buddy of mine. We'd known each other since 2nd grade and had been blazin' buddies since! He stabbed me in the fuckin' back just for some beers and buds! That ain't cool, son. That ain't cool.
  8. Well I really don't do anything crazy when I'm baked, probably cause I'm smart enough to not get my sorry ass into trouble while being high. But I usually just start shit with people who stare me down or give me dirty looks, or any of that sort. But really, I'm more of a peaceful stoner.

  9. Actually, I'm a pretty laid-back, easy-goin' peaceful stoner, too. This was sort of a one-time revenge kind of thing. I even kind of shocked myself at what I did, but DAMN, son! I can't even leave the friggin' country now because that mother stabbed me in the back!
  10. Good job. Did he think it was you though?

    Craziest thing I've done... Can't realy think of nething too too crazy. It usually jsut makes me chilll.
  11. say what? youre imprisoned in your own country cause you committed a crime? was it a felony?
  12. You put sugar in his gas tank? So you were trying to kill him, now thats when i say you went a little too far.
  13. sugar in the gas tank wont kill him, it wil gring EVERYTHING in it to shit, maybe start a smal fire, but wouldnt kill him lol. i still think it was overkilll, i would have JUST put sugar in the tank, the other stuff was to risky to get busted. dumb move lol...

    But dumbest thing i did while high....tried crack. damn that was a mistake lol

  14. O i heard puttin sugar in the tank made the car blow up when the engine started. I guess not.
  15. nope lol, it just TEARS THE FUCK OUT OF EVERYTHING in the engine, and EVERYTHING has to be rebuilt or get somen new. it will totally fuck up someones car, and the best part about it, its not tracable(sp?) lol
  16. We were all heading out of my friend tara's place to a party that was like 2 minutes away. I start doing my "danielson" impression (from the karate kid) so im talking in the exaggerated new york accent and shit and there is a hedge right near the sidewalk were walking on to get to the car, i fail to realize that on the other side of the hedge, there was one of those little japanese ponds that was filled with algea and tadpols and shit so i do a flying sidekick over this hedge and right before i hit the water, i said "oh shit" . needless to say i landed smoothly i was wet and mucky as fuck for the rest of the night. i guess you had to be there. :p
  17. sex in a random person's back yard really late at night lol good times....she was pretty damn loud too :smoke: Amazed i didn't get busted by the ppl
  18. almost rear ended a cop turning into the station. man i was too stoned. played it smoothly though saying i was fuckin with the radio. my tires screeched so loud tho, i can't believe he bought it. especially since i only had time to get visine in one eye haha.
  19. crazyiest thing ive done while high is blaze in open areas where everyone is walking around...meh..thats my crazy lazy life.
  20. Sugar in the gask tank supposedly carmalizes in the engine from the heat and fucks it up. I don't see how you can think it tears the whole engine up since the gas only goes into the cylinders. Mythbusters proved that this doesn't work, though I would think it depends on how much sugar you put in.

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