The craziest shith

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bud is love, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Alright so last night I'm gettin baked and I hear this loud as noise in my rOom I go to my room and there's this huge fucking crab so I go out side to get a net and I locked myself out so I'm sittin there banging on my sisters window so she can let me in. Eventually I caught that bitch and went to sleep.
  2. where the fuck do you live , a boat?
  3. Hhaha I live right next to a canal
  4. So you type with a lisp?
  5. Hahaa don't hate I'm using an iPhone with a shattered screen
  6. And in really baked

  7. I think I read it with a lisp without even thinking about it

    and than seeing this comment blew my mind

    damn I'm high
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    What in the Fuck?
  9. So you were afraid of a crab....?

    I woulda grabbed that bitch and cooked him up there. Show him who's boss.
  10. I wasn't afraid of it just imagine your self smoking you hear these noices and there's a fucking huge ass crab it tripped me the fuck out lol
  11. Dam str8 crabs are creepy. I'd be all looking around for more
  12. Nah it's like a one time thing
  13. darth maul for sure, muthafuckin badass. Wait, these wasnt about the craziest sith:smoking:
  14. You should of eaten it too, that would've been some different munchies
  15. Crab is the shit!!
  16. Thats almost as cool as the time I locked my keys in the car and saw a stray cat.

    It was some crazy shith.

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