The Craziest Piece You Ever Built

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  1. What is the craziest thing youve built to smoke out of?
  2. Are you trying to let new members think this community is ignorant/retarded?^
  3. one time me and my friend made this waterfall bong and we used a sobe bottle for the tube and where the water came out... we had a mcdonalds chubaca head carved so that the water came out its mouth. where we put the ganja you ask? in the top of th ebottle we made a mcdonalds stormtroopers head and you place it in there. it was sooo legit but prob bad for you up the waz

    edit: and on the cap (where it has those sayings) it said HERB... god wanted us to have that bottle yo.
  4. Well i took a tree limb and and carved it into a bowl and glewed a metal bowl to it, it smokes ok but taste like burning tree
  5. haha I once made a two person gb that shared one giant bowl pack. It actually had three chambers total. It didn't work that well but it was funny because both people would inhale and battle to clear the middle chamber.

    Lungs are pretty fun to make and use as well. I've made huge ones before too.:smoking:

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  6. HAHAHAHA thats funny man.
  7. I rember once when i had absolutly no papers, no bowl, and no fruit to smoke out of i looked at a carrot in the fridge and said perfect i got a knife and made it into a pipe. it took like 3 carrots since it was hard to make the hole and i would fuck up and cut a hole in the side but that carrot got me pretty high :smoking:
  8. i made a nice piece from two orange pill bottles side by side connected with a pen tube, then a socket bowl in the top of one bottle and a long straw on the other bottle, one bubbler, one chamber. it ripped and my dad said i should be an engineer for it. it was a lot more legit than it sounds.
  9. Well mines not exactly crazy, but pretty cool.
    Every halloween i usually make a giant pumpkin bong to smoke from for me and my buddies. So funny and fun to smoke from. lol :hello:
  10. We had an antique-like glass coca-cola bottle that we fitted a bowl and screen into the mouthpeice of, and melted a hole in the side of it to fit rubber tubing in with an airtight coupling. It was like a homemade glass hooka thing.

    Was pretty cool but the smoke was really harsh.
  11. When I was in high school a few years back my buddies and I would always make pieces to save the cash for pot. I made one with a skateboard wheel as the bowl, and bent a metal pipe and used a hot glue gun to glue the pipe to the bowl. Another friend of mine made a gumball machine in shop class, and we turned that into a sweet piece as well!
  12. Not crazy, but its fucking effective as hell. :3

    Pull out bowl.

    [​IMG] Hendrix, man.

    [​IMG] <-- Thats the bowl.
  13. I only made two kinds of pieces in my life.

    The first was a few tin foil bowls. They were free ( foil lying around the house), easy to make (wrap foil around a pen and just bend) and were easy to dispose of. They hit great and it was the first time I smoked alone.

    The other was a makeshift water bottle bong. Took a water bottle and cut a hole in it for the carb. The top was a metal nut thing (nuts and bolts. I don't really know the exact name for it). Fill it with water, fill the bowl and smoke away :bongin:

  14. That's exactly waht I did back in the day
    Tin foil bowls in my room ahahha ahhh good times
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    Three Smart Water bottles turned into one big bong.
    chopped the top off one bottle, bottom of another, the top and bottom off the last one, and put them all together. stuck a pen tube at the bottom of the bottle so the smoke would go thru water. it had a bowl from a metal pipe at the end for the ganja.
    One big hit to milk it, another to clear it.
  16. nice what kind of bowl etc
  17. my friend seems to collect odd but cool things. Gasmasks (which i made some bongs out of), deer skulls, and other odd shit. but he had this kickass viking blowing horn. and i flipped it around and smoked out of the little metal mouth peice on the end, it made a perfect pipe/bowl

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