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    While your at work humping long hours, paying taxes and barely getting by, this bitch, Octopussy, the unemployed mother of 14 bastard children that are all artificially inseminated sits at home collecting free gov't handouts and food stamps, has a website to donate money to her and uses it to get manicure's.... They should cut her clown car vagina off, put her kids up for adoption and make her get a job...

    Be glad you can donate your pay to her laziness and decision to coast through life by having too many damn kids.....

  2. in the kingdom of welfare, mothers can do no wrong
  3. Who's gonna take the fall?

    Are they gonna reprimand the doctor that inseminated her. I remember hearing that they thought she had seven and then just an extra mofacka popped out too?
  4. yea shes a bitch
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    I think I heard she couldn't get any doctors in the US to do the insemination of so many b/c of doctors were worried about health concerns and possible malpractice issues so she went to Brazil and they hooked her up...

    It's BS, child protective services should take them kids and make her ass get a job. I think it's funny you can't make any comments on her webpage that asks for money anymore, probably b/c it was full of comments like those on TMZ...

    I hope the papparazzi harass her ass to no end... To bad those kids are just a check to her...
  6. hahahaha octopussy
  7. I think OP deserves a round of applause for that opening paragraph.

    First laugh ive laughed all day.
  8. It gets on my nerves. I'm a single father, raising my son, have a min. wage job, and get no help at all. I see all these single mothers getting handouts right & left. I get no help on my rent, food, bills, car payment, etc...yet these single mothers do not work, get help to buy a car, get help w/ their rent or pay little if anything for rent from Sect. 8, get help each month on their bills and get cash assistence and food stamps, while I set here working my ass off struggling to provide for my son, and when I go in to ask about assistence, they say I make too much money. Shit maybe I should quit my job and live off the system, it seems like i would be living better and have the resources to provide for my son better....but you know what, I am not that type of person. I repsect single mothers, but in a case like this it just plain pisses me off.

  9. don't you just love the welfare state that we are becoming. :rolleyes:
  10. oh and apparently, Octopussy had to move back in with her parents into their 3 bedroom house which is over $28,000 behind on it's mortage and the 70 something year old Grandfather had to go back to work, taking a job overseas... I can't imagine why...
  11. The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not."- Thomas Jefferson

    Apparently Obama and most democrats see it a little different, nothing like some free handouts to win the poor vote... Idiots like this won the election for Obama...
    [ame=""]YouTube - Obama Is Going To Pay For My Gas And Mortgage!!![/ame]
  12. fuck this shit!!!!!

    i would add more to my post but im too thats all i can manage
  13. I hope Octopussy's pussy gets mutated
  14. Actually we don't, there is massive discrimination in systems like these for the exact reason stated before... Too many people take advantage of the system and leech off tax payer dollars so that people who actually do need assistance, either get a bitch check or turned away completely. The system is a fraud for the most part. For every person that actually needs the help they recieve, there are 3 more who abuse the system.

    I think this women should be stripped of her children for bringing such an abomination into this world at a time like this. People like her are a big reasons why our country is going up in flames. And to have the gaul to then go and ask for assistance from not only the government but from people like you and me? Over her own website?

    Lady, if you can't raise your kids on your own paycheck from the start, you have no business what so ever being a mother.
  15. i'll make a donation in exchange for some octopussy.......yeaaaaa....or maybe a favor from some of those nice lips

    but if not i'll just leave a bunch of comments!!!!!!!!!!
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    DAMN IT. I knew I was going to be busted by you, Foop.

    I agree with you, and actually, didn't say anything about the system being fair or unfair, right or wrong. You are right, there is discrimination within the system, and that it doesn't seem like the people who do the right thing by paying in to the system ever get treated fairly when they need to take anything out.

    Plus, people do abuse and exploit it, which is obviously wrong and robbing people of their money. Like this woman is doing.

    But I have known people who have sought out [albeit, unnecessarily] government aid and had no problem getting it, when they didn't need it. The ability to exploit the system is there, you just have to be willing to do what it takes to get there, which is what I was referring to. To me it's sad that free money is there for the taking for people who have never contributed, and who will rob my of my social security when I'm old enough.

    And, I was partially referring to the point of her website, nobody is stopping any of us from setting up a fund and collecting 'donations' from people over the internet.

    What this woman is doing is wrong, and it's obvious, and I do believe that she should have her children taken away from her, but I'm too tired to talk about welfare and what not today.
  17. I hate her to death as well, what a lazy cunt. She's getting more money than I can dream of from the government yearly, because the lazy bitch can't stop having things cream in her vagina.

    Her old job offered her back surgery that would have fixed all her problems and put her back in the workforce but she turned it down because it would have 'Disrupted her fertil abilities."

  18. All the kids were from invetro, test tube babies... not even the result of poor birth control practices, she chose to get artificially inseminated for 8 kids and had to go to Brazil cuz no US doctor that values his medical license would do it...
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    I'm sure it is as well as everything from the neck down, the face could probably use some help as well....


    NASTY!!!!!!! I'm just waiting for an alien head to rip through... Probably gonna leave a few stretch marks you think??? lol
  20. ^WHAT THE FUCK?!?!

    Her fucking stomach looks like the abdomen of a spider. That's some of the nastiest shit I've ever seen.

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