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the cottons has returned to the city!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. *news flash*

    the cottons has struck the city hard... most blades report frequent occurances of mouths drier than the saharah. while drinks and some snacks proove affective at temporarily relieving this plague - they are, as mentioned earlier, TEMPORARY...

    lol, yeah... enough ranting... my AOL got cancled, and it took me a while to get things straightened out with my bank, and another ISP set up. but i've finally done it, and i'm back... woohoo! ::does happy dance::
  2. Yay!

    And you still have the scariest avatar in the world!
  3. thoust has shat my pantaloons.
  4. Welcome back cottons!
  5. All Hail the cottons!!!
    Welcome back!!

    This bong is for you!!
  6. COTTENS!!!!

    WOW...I've missed you. I tried to email you about 4 days ago to see what was up but you didn't exist!!!! Let me know what's been going on...


    ::::happy dance::::
    ::::happy dance::::
    ::::happy dance::::

  7. smokin a j for cottons..and mary jane..just cuz she posted last
  8. ::continues happy dance::

    ::getting ready to smoke fatty for all the blades::

    peace :)
  9. just out of complete and total curiosity..what happened to the christian stuff?

  10. muahahaha! lol. i knew eventually this would come up. i figure i'll have some fun before college (when i definately have to stop due to the college and how busy i'm gonna be)... but yeah... i still stand firm to my beliefs... it kinda makes me a hypocrite ('cause i still believe what i'm doing isn't good), but i just wanna have a little more fun before giving it all up.
  11. firmly understandable

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