the cost of living?...

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  1. I love fo free.

  2. Ya just north of LA in Ventura.

    My studio in north Hollywood (the shitty side of Hollywood) was $780 a month.

    It was a literal box. Like the size of my current room lol I eventually want to buy condos and large expansive apartments on the west side but I got a few zeros to add to my paycheck first

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  3. I don't like La too much. Way too much people there and its always crowded. would be nice to live a hour away from La.imo
  4. Ya I'm an LA kid so right now I feel a little far away from the fun..

    Shows that use to be 30min away are a bitch now.. I'm technically closer to Venice but most my favorite things to do are on the west side, and the greater LA area.. So ya.. I'm just.. A little.. Far.. Away. Not to say Ventura isn't awesome. Sick little beach city.

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  5. San degio is pretty nice too.i wouldn't mind moving there..hit the waves in Socal:rolleyes:
  6. I live my boyfriend, his dad, and his brother. It's a rooming house so a few others rent out rooms here too. I pay $100 a month for rent. My boyfriend and I share a room so that cuts costs down a lot.
  7. Here in SW Ontario I pay 805 a month for a 2 bedroom apt. Bills and food are about 900. It is very expensive to live here but the rent is cheep.

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  8. is Canada a nice area?
  9. Also live in Ontario and currently pay 700 for a shitty lil one bed apt, and hydro is about 150 but to rent a decent size house is definitely worth it if u have a little more cash to work with

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  10. In SW Ontario yes. I think this is one of the top 5 places to live any where and I am quite content here. It's a great mix of big city and small town here. I can leave my doors unlocked all night with out a second thought.

    I would avoid Windsor and Sarnia tho, they seem to have more of a rough crowd,

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  11. But yes Canada is very nice and BC is thee best!

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  12. i own outright. :)
  13. 800-850+ utilities per month is standard for a 1 bedroom apt with washer and dryer in unit in my area
  14. I live in northwest Ga. and can't even afford rent ($400 a month) in a small house for my pregnant wife and me (she's 20 weeks in) ,because I'm a felon that works part time at subway. IDK if it's the alcohol or just my emotions acting up (more than likely the first and not the latter)  but I feel like a fucking loser FML :cry:
  15. Live un Uruguay and pay 500$ for the rent.

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