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  1. how many rooms?space? Good location? State?

  2. Hell Yeah living in Vermont is expensive, especially in a town like Burlington!! Another bad thing is that the wages dont compensate for the high cost of living. Stupid Act250!!! Although it IS beautiful there, i was born and raised in south central VT, its pretty hard to get by. Im in southern PA now and my rent for a 2 story 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house with full basement and just under 2 acres costs me $850 p/m in rent. Same place back home and we'd be talking in the area of $1500-$2200 p/m!!!
  3. That not that bad at all. Your getting a good housing deal for sure... good amount of land too...

  4. The cost of living is fairly high here in Vermont. My old apartment's rent was $800/mo, with utilities included every other month (after a long, arduous battle with the landlord). And I spend about $150-200 every two weeks on groceries, with $60-100 going into my car's gas tank on a bi weekly basis). I lost my job back in November and was forced to move back in with my mom...I will be back in my own place come May or June as I have a friend who will rent a room to me for $300/mo with utilities.
  5. How was the appartment?

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    my 2 br apartment costs 1700 a month, i split it with a roommate
    my food costs me between 400-600 a month
    phone internet and other bills add up around 200
    weed = around 300 a month
    i live in philadelphia
  7. Thats pretty that a cool city to live? Hard to get a job?

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    Two room, with a kitchenette attached to the living room area. 400 sq feet in all. Not that big, but I was able to hold it down with no roomies, which is a major plus for me...And it was attached to a property with over 150 acres of pristine woodland and fields.
    edit: I should add that the bimonthly utilities payments came about after my landlord tried to retroactively exclude utilities from the rental agreement under the premise that I had lied about the number of occupants, as my gf would sometimes stay over for several days at a time. After several months of heated exchanges and threats of legal action, we were finally able to negotiate the bimonthly compromise. I probably should have moved out but I did love that place, and I rarely had to deal with the landlord face to face (our arguments were usually over the phone/emails, save for the few times he came over for maintenance).
  9. 1650 for my 2 Bdrm apt..

    Like $500 in food.. $200 in dog stuff and food..

    Fuckin expensive to live in Cali

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  10. Nice man..must be pretty cool out there , like living by the Forest and stuff..i always wanted to visit the east coast.:rolleyes:

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  11. Let me gess...socal? La or Sd?

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    Ive been buying slightly distressed properties and live in them while i refurbish them to flip. Right now i have two houses. One in TN we bought mid housing crash, $50k for 3 bd 2bth rancher on 5 acres. The other we bought in Colorado Springs, $80k for 3bd 2bth with full basement on 1.5 acres.
  13. it pretty good, a lot of the people around here give off a blue collar dirty feel but they are pretty friendly
    im not sure about jobs i dont have one, its usually easier to get a job in a large city though
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    nice, fliping houses seems cool.
    Do you travel around different states looking at properties? How long have you been flipping houses?

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    2 bedrooms, 1 office. almost 3000 sq ft.
  16. No, I dont travel for properties as a rule, its a pita to flip a house 20 hours away. We just decided to move to Colorado and have one property left where we lived in TN.

    Ive been flipping properties for about fifteen years now. I got tired of making payments, but had shitty credit (I could go on forever on how fucked the idea of credit is) but renting never gets anything in return. 25% of your income, out the window. The first place i bought was a mobile home. You can find good deals and if you have nothing to start your not buying houses with little cash and no credit. I put what i would have been paying in rent in savings until i bought a second, and so on. Bought and sold quite a few, upgrading quality as i went which in turn increases profit. After making enough from trailers plus the savings from no payments i started buying cheaper houses. Always payed in cash, i havent made a rent or mortgage payment since we bought the first place.

    I always pay cash for vehicles as well. The only payemts i make are utilities, cable, and phone. Dont get me wrong it sucked for quite a while. Cheap trailers and vehicles sucked when it was all we could afford, but in the end the sacrifice offered us more flexibility in our lifestyle.
  17. ^^^That's how I plan to do things. I'm just building capital for my business ideas now.
  18. $385/mo for my 3bdrm trailer and about two acres. Light bill around $200/mo and water is $35/mo. I live well below my means so I can buy nice trucks or whatever the hell it is I want. Works for me!
  19. Dude straight up. My uncle bought a whole farm in Missouri. With cows and chickens and a big ass barn and 4 bedroom house for $150k. And I also heard they are gonna try to legalize too

    Everything better with a bag of weed.
  20. Yup ,mo is relatively cheap to live in.but its mo so fuuuck thaat, right in the middle ,wtf....i do like the type of forest mo has and leafy trees. Not a pine tree forest like here...:D

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