The cost of living is high

Discussion in 'General' started by Jackattack, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. :Begin Rant:
    I'm really starting to resent how these seemingly barely (if at all) related topics, such as High cost of living always seems to turn into some political rant for someone.. HIGH COST OF LIVING, NOT FUCK THE US!! IF YOU WANT TO BITCH ABOUT THE POLITICAL STATE OF AFFAIRS IN THIS COUNTRY MAKE YOUR OWN THREAD, DON'T HIJACK SOMEONE ELSES! IT'S RUDE! Even more rude than talking in all caps, IMO, and we all know how people around here take that! :End Rant:

    I agree that the cost of living is definatly going up, and I'm also a huge supporter of those solar pannels, they're really expensive, but you get paid back over the years, because you don't have to pay for electricity!!! If we were going to be in this house for longer than we will we would get some, but we're going to wait until we move to Colorado. We manage to keep our costs down by keeping our thermastat set at 69 pretty much year around so we only pay between 80-120 a month of electricity... We cut alot of corners, we only go shopping once a month, and spend about $200 and that lasts us between 28-31 days with the exceptions of parishables like Fresh Fruits/Veggies, eggs, milk, breads... Works well for us...

    ~ Terpsichore
  2. You dont need "a shit load of land" to do that. Get a rock, throw it at a sqiurrel on the sidewalk, talk it back to your hole in the middle of no where and eat it.
  3. Youre showing terribly flawed logic here. The United States of America is the world's last remaining superpower. We cannot cut our military budgets only to "restart" them when war occurs, that's called "Suicide". Someone who was very influential in shaping America into what it has become once said, "Peacetime is merely preparation for war." No words ever rang so true. War is INEVITABLE people! Get that through your fuckin heads! There will never "Peace on Earth" or that any of that pussy bullshit. War is part of the Human Experiance and that's that.

    America is also in the unfortunate position of being essentially the World's police force.

    There are people out there who want every American dead, and will gives thier own lives in reach of that goal.

    I couldn't disagree more. War is not inevitable. It is a product of greed and ignorance.

    I agree we will never see peace on earth, but that is due to the choices we make not our inherent nature. On the whole people are kind and empethatic, but when ignorance, agression and greed take over among the minority few who lead and try to follow the population along with fear and bullshit then this shit happens.

    Why does America then feel need to be the police force? Do we need one? If it made the right choices promoting a palestinian homeland, practice what it preaches (democracy and human rights) and moving its forces out of oil rich lands then the people out there who want you dead will have little support...
  4. lmao.... leave it to someone like you to make me laugh my ass off at something that seems logical

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