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The cost of freedom.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokinokie, Mar 20, 2003.

  1. Sounds like this ought to be a really deep thread, huh?

    No such luck.

    Been raining for 3 days, kids out on spring break (figgers!) so imagine my surprise when wifey tells me last night that I'm on my own for dinner tonight! She was buggin out and going to spend the day/evening with a friend of hers. The kids were going with her.

    So imagine the letdown when I get home to find them all here instead of there. The estrogen was flowing deep as I walked thru the door. As I was about to faint from exposure, an idea came to me. I sent them all out to dinner and a movie!

    Being married does'nt mean you have to give up your freedom, it just costs a lot more.:)
  2. Smokie you are one of the best men I know.

    You take a situation and make it bright with only words.. * go spend some money** Works every time! LOL
  3. LOL! that's great dude... glad to hear ya didn't drown in the estrogen :D
  4. My wife left me after 20 years of marriage just one week before Christmas, Leaving me with two teenage daughters to cope with. In life, all you really have to rely on is yourself. Keep your friends close and stay ready to change direction at any time.
  5. or, just send em to the movies. :D
    money tamps estrogen juuuust about every time.


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