The Cosmic Cycle

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    download (2).jpg download (3).jpg It had taken him many weeks of hard trekking to reach Western Tibet. Here, in the Temple of the Future Buddha, he would prepare himself for the journey around Mt. Kailash and the holy lake Manasarovar. The monk who was in charge of him said that the mountain, also known as the "Snow Jewel", was the legendary home of the Hindu god Shiva. And with the Nepalese Temple Balls that had been so thoughtfully provided for his meditative repose, he began to receive enlightenment. At the end of this cycle Shiva will open his third eye and this universe will be destroyed. Then, at the beginning of the next, he will begin the cosmic dance anew.
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  2. ..too much thought is dangerous...or is it?
  3. Apologize for going off topic.
    But then now is so hard and rare to find them..hopefully a Spaceship...
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    serveimage (32).jpg download (1).jpg Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. Particularly if there is an obstacle in supplying Charas to the Holy Sadhus. They smoke it to meditate on his father Shiva.
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    Only Earth Orbit?
    It's because the Archons have them wrapped up tight.
    They hit the dopamine receptors.
    It's like Sominex for the Soul.
    But the true Dilithium Crystals are within you and without you.
    Someday we all must leave Earth Orbit,
    And face the real alien.
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  6. Osiris, we the grateful dead salute you. Let us enter, therefore, unto Rasta, and pass among the hidden pylons of The City of the Sun. There shall we go forth and enter in at our desire, even as do those who are favored by the god. And may we be called to partake of his offerings in the Horizon of Horus. A pillar of smoke by day, and a pillar of fire by night.
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    For in the Land of Night, the Ship of the Sun is drawn by the grateful dead.
  7. Back to the inhabitants of Earth..they're right: women from Venus and men from Mars..

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