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    Hi everybody,

    It's time to get started! Welcome to my and Skyzo's grow. This is our second grow together and my 5th.

    Last night, I went to my personal old spots. I arrived around midnight and found my spots, as expected, colonised by many weeds and big plants. One I spent 20 minutes looking for. I had my gloves and cutters so snip snip snip I found "the honey hole" as Mr OldPork says with the good airy soil from last years. It was depleted of food probably but I had lots of nutes I added (chicken manure, horse manure, green ferts, kelp, high p bat guano, castings). I also decompressed coco bricks in a 2 big bags with the stream water. I got back at 4 am.

    This year I started indoors for the first time. Last night, I thus planted 1 foot (with 1 inch branches starting in 3 nodes) plants: femmed Trainwreck and Purple Maroc. I watered the holes thoroughly with a pail and the stream before planting to not disturb the roots. I accustomed them 3 days to the sun for a few hours per day from indoors. I added slug repellant. I cut the surrounding vegetation as each year in these spots (bramble etc...). The trees are rare and don't hide the sun a lot (no need to saw branches (done years before). This early start should give big yields, thanks Dankohzee for the indoor help and the soil mix. They should explode in that soil now it is rich with organic ferts. To reach one of these spots I must wade waist deep in the water and it is invisible from the bank (bramble). I think it should make it again this year (TW spot) but only the pot gods know.

    The 2 smaller ones are femmed autos AK47 lowlife (planted around the 20th april). My stash running low, I must replenish the goods the fastest possible. The Ak is supposed to be killer smoke. They weren't in breeder packs and I got 12 femmed for the price of 10. We shall see... :p

    After cutting the autos (placed in front of the big mamas), the PM and TW will fill up the whole space. There is at least 80 gallons of soil in those spots. It's the first time I place non autos + started indoors there (3rd year using them 2 spots) so those TW and PM must get huge. They get 6 and 8 hours direct sun and are close to a stream. I can only visit these at night so only night pics. Other spots are almost ready to be planted as well and will have day time pics. Thanks for watching and welcome to the "Corto Skyzo Grow Show"!

    GHS Trainwreck (sowed April 13th) and 2 femmed autos


    Purple maroc (same date) and 2 femmed autos


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  2. And so it begins. I love the anticipation this early in the season:D

    Good luck in 2011, you have a partner this year ay? And only three plants, are those the only three you moved outside so far?
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    Hey WMF! Those are 2 areas with 6 plants total (2 feminised big ones to be and 4 autos for a quick stasheroo I hope). Those 2 are gonna be huge normally but there's always something and it's still a long way ahead until harvest. 1 of them could be enough for the year if they grow as planned. But I have yet to grow big ones for real. Last year wasn't too bad though.

    I then have with Skyzo about 8 femmed and 8 regular (treated with Op's banana trick) getting big under lights (1 month now almost). Transplanted twice, now in 2 liter pots since a week. I'm afraid they won't fit in my trunk and reek in my car now as my spots are a couple hours away... lol! They're starting to smell up my house even under veg. Once they hit the 6 holes ready to go they should expand greatly too. 6 more to set up. I think I got it this year but you never know and I always expect the unexpected. Safety first! And I try to get them the quickest in their final spots!

    Here is an idea of their size. This beats last year's solo cups for 45 days (outdoor guerilla start). The pots are 2 liters. I went from 1/2 solo cup 10 days to solo cup 2 week to 2 liter pot 2 weeks until planting. The sensi star on the left is very squat and the Purple maroc is on the right. The TW and PM I planted the other night were in the same range. You may wonder how I planted them? I used thick scissors and cut them out. I found many thick roots. :wave:


    Sensi star and Purple Maroc

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  4. Im here .. .. Been crazy busy with work and my grow room .. .. Busy buying up grow room shit .. ..

    Looks like you'll have some big gals too .. ..

    I got close to 30 that will be root bound in solo cups by June .. .. Possibly now lol

    Im curious about the Sensi Star .. .. Im thinking its going on the list of strains for next season .. ..

    Be easy .. .. Stay Safe .. .. .. :smoke:
  5. Corto

    Best wishes for the upcoming season! We're still struggling with cold weather and rain. And then there's the rain issue. Did I mention the rain deal?




  6. Now that's dedication. Good luck this season.
  7. Corto,

    I've been watching for the start of your journal......good vibes going your way for a great year at your plot.

    I'm subbed,

  8. omg i love it :)

    a true guerilla grow :)

    man i fuckin love, looking great mi amigo :)
  9. oh and for sure good vibes
  10. They are some fine looking plants and great genetics, Corto! Nice and healthy and big. Wow, I just warms my heart to think of you out there in the wee morning hours sweating and digging. You are the ultimate after hours guerrilla, dude. I have a feeling this grow will be magnificent. Best of fortunes to you broseph~
  11. Hi Supanova! It's such a great advantage to start them indoors. But it's possible without, just more comfortable. I love planting these 1 foot small bushes and wait to see them explode. I hope it makes a big difference. Good luck to you bro!

    Hi LD2! Thanks for stopping in man. Sorry to hear about the cold weather. Next year, I might start a little earlier as last frosts are mid MArch here. But the weather can be crappy in MArch April. These babies are about to go out and it's hot and sunny and dry here now. I'm a lucky son of a gun!

    Hi Hazyperspective! You're new here, well welcome to the GC bud train and thanks for the encouragement. Yeah one of the spots is a "Corto hole" (patented technique) and you can see in last year's thread that I dug 6 feet deep (yes you read right) between two rivers on top of a bank. I hit the water table, then added bags of peat and perlite and nutes. These plants will never be watered. :D I do have to water them again soon to make sure the roots go down that deep before the soil dries up. Last year some autos didn't reach the water hole and died. But once they're settled it's set and leave... It worked like a charm last year. You just can't beat that. It's well worth some creek water up to the waist for a few seconds... and digging deep holes :hello:

    Hi buddy Chunk! Thanks for stopping in. It seems I got it this year. I hope all goes to plan. There will be some adventures for sure and that's what I like. ;) But not too dangerous. Good luck to you buddy!

    Hi Retardedtexas,

    Yes it's a90% guerilla grow this year. I cheated as I started them indoors to get big plants in the bush and increase my yield. Follow along and you'll see what can be grown in Southern Europe. Hell am I the only European here!!!???
    See you!

    The man himself!!! Thanks for the good wishes Oldpork! All's well here. I love the indoor start: really well worth it! You know that I'm the type of guy who enjoys staying in the moonlight and the stars gardening. It's my good times in a sense. Ok take care Op: time to smoke me up. :smoke:
  12. corto, those are some of the healthiest looking plants I've seen you post. you're getting good at this. I ll be following you closely my man.
  13. hey corto, been awhile ayy? lol cant wait to see your grow my man
  14. lookin good bro! big fan of your past journals! I learned most of everything I know from u, dank or pork. Along with alot of others that are deserving of shout outs... but IM IN! cant wait to see what this year produces!
  15. Good to see you back for another year Corto! Will definitely be watching :smoke:
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    Pretty cool eh Dank! Thanks again for the soil mix and the indoor start up. It's good to have you here bro!

    Wow Greenmeany, how's it going my friend! Take care buddy see you soon!

    thanks for the props dude I hope the best for you this year.

    [quote name='ThePot']Good to see you back for another year Corto! Will definitely be watching :smoke

    Thanks the pot, buddy! Take care and good luck.

    Train wreck and 2 autos doing good. The chump on the TW is from before the transplant (snail). Iwatered 10 gallons of water per spot from the creek with my pail lol! I added mulch too. Now the plants will be able to reach the water table I opened up under them. I could water them with the creek water a few feet away from the spot all Summer long but now they don't need me anymore besides to monitor and lst/top/fert ... them..


    Purple maroc slightly burnt (chicken too hot not placed deep enough -and ittouched some roots at gnith I messed up that spot a bit lol) that soil is a bit too hot but it'll be fine for that plant I think (only bottom the rest seems nice and green and sturdy). It grew more than the TW because here thee are 2 hours more sun (8 vs 6). 1 auto flowered and was a male lol (hot soil probably freaked it out haha, the other auto is okay I guess (smaller than other 2!). Ok see you and thanks for watching!


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  17. Awesome growth so far! What do you use as a mulch to keep the moisture in? Sticks and brush?
  18. omg so inspirational :'( makes me wanna get off my lazy ass and get to digging.

    srry for off topic but should i leave banana peal in a closed container till the peel turns black?
  19. hey corto, im subbed as always brotha! those girls looks really nice man, you got a great jump on the season.. talk about some fat ass leaves on that sensi.. cant wait to see this strain perform outdoors this year.. be safe and cheers to a bountiful season bro:smoke:... TW!!! hehee:D:p
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    Thanks man. They grew for 3 weeks under CFLs so I got a good jump start we'll see it's the first time I use indoors to grow out little bushes ready to be planted outdoors. Now it's close to 5 weeks... I'll be using several of last years' spots so prepping was quicker as I needed to scout less. Using old spots is a big plus. I already sawed off tree branches that were blocking the sun. So the spot is "ready to go".

    I buy the mulch but you can gather it near your spot. But don't use pine needles -acidic so bad-, leaves can be acidic too, hay is ok but will fly away and make your spot visible. prefer little twigs you break up. The twigs are heavy and don't fly away as you see in the pics. I don't place too much here but it's good for the time the roots reach the water. I avoid that the stem is in contact with the stems (don't over do it or you can get stem rot esp. if you have a lot of mulch use 2-4 inches). I have 1-2 here.
    You can use a shredder and make it at home too. Mulch is very important to save you from watering often (in completely dry spots) and helps the plants (yield). it's good even in wet spots but not so much I guess. Last year I had none on those 2 spots and they were fine (see thread if you find it Corto 2010 with the Autos in those spots. However, rain splashed on the soil and it went under the plants causing dirt in the bottom buds and some mold. So mulch prevents the rain from throwing mud under your plants.

    yep, it's not gonna happen if you don't get it done.
    Yes, change the peels before they're totally black and moldy. They should be sealed in a plastic bag or container but separate the seeds from the peels (kills seeds or germinates them). Don't use a paper bag, use a big plastic sealable bag (or container) with several smaller bags inside with the seeds, the peels -those small bags are open to let the air with the ethylen gas in. Then, close the big sealed bag. Leave upright. The paper bag is not air tight so it works less well I think. After 2-3-4 weeks, you have feminized seeds.

    To make your own feminized seeds garanteed, use a female plant (not feminized) and treat her with colloidal silver. She makes pollen. Use that pollen on another female plant. The latter's offspring is all feminized seeds. It takes some knowledge to make that silver I think. I just spend the extra cash but you can do it yourself.

    Thanks my friend I hope I can get them to be real big this year. Let's hope for the best! They're meant for the great outdoors. I can't wait to get them planted and all. I'm subbed to your journal as well. :wave:

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