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the correctional poll.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Aug 11, 2003.


about the most evil poll ever......

  1. Ashely Judd is the bestest example of a human bein ever. so much so that she is no longer a human be

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  2. The above statement is true. however it should also be noted that i the voter, hereby declair that

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  3. neither statement above is true. digit's fine, we're all fine for voting, no hamr was done

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  4. Blame BPP, he's probably behind this anyway! :D

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  5. Fuck this shit! I got the munchies! Let's go to the 7-11 and get a extra large chili-n-cheez nac

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  1. there should be no way in making a mistake in voting for this poll. there are very simple instructions as writen in red. anyone who disobeys the instructions will have critter to deal with. (right critter? back me up on this one)

  2. I voted for this one, only because I voted on the most evil poll ever...but let me make it known that I have yet to vote in the stupidity thread, and I never will :)
  3. well critter.. if you cant be blamed cos you were drunk then neither can i. :p

    i'd go into teh fuckoff thread and tell alcohol to fuckoff again but that would be silly me doing that twice in one day.

    congrats on the stupidity test hempress.. stay strong.
  4. polls that have disclaimers are always my favorite, but I must ask; does this poll contain any msg?
  5. *gasping for breath and choking down tears*

    Sob, Sob!!!

    Its all my fault, I admit it, I admit it blame me. Let me be the martyr and allow myself to be punished. I created this mess and it is I alone that will stand up against this tempest and bear the full brunt of its fury......

    You can take from me all of my possessions here at the City, Ban me, exhile me to Yahooka, send me away never to look at the plaace we call home, whatever it takes to satisfy this thirst for punishment.

    But you can never take my love of Ashley from my heart, she will be with me for eternity...

    And now with my tongue planted firmly in my cheek I hit the submit button an await my destiny................

    (god how i hope somebody understands sarcasm when they read this)
  6. umm...i highley doubt that over 400 people went here n voted, i smell something fish.....or a SCANDLE!
  7. I'm going to be difficult and refuse to vote.

  8. i see.
  9. I took this personally and looks like alot of other people are mad because of it.... I am not making excuses or going to try and make sense of what I did or why.....

    BPP in no way was it your fault brother.... I am man enough to stand on my own and take the punishment that some of the members wish upon me...

    I didn't ask anyone to back down... I don't have the right to ask that of any one.....

    So to do the right thing...... I will make a poll of my own and will abide by the wishes of the city....

    I am truely sorry for overreacting.
    Digit........ I am sorry for making you feel like you did something wrong!!!
  10. woah bud head. no need for an apology man. thats fine and dandy. i cant believe YOU are appologising to ME tho. surely its to be the other way round right?

    anyways. lets burry it.

  11. Hell yeah, if you don't believe me just ask my wife. Everything at home has been my fault for years now... :D

  12. Anita, chill out. I'm just joking around here. All I am trying to do is bust Bud Head's chops because I wasn't here the other night he went off and I didn't get a chance to tease him then.

    Let this subject die before we have two memebers here who think highly of (Bud Head and Digit) die of embarressment and guilt.

  13. Bud Head, are you trying to be sweet and hit up on me? No thanks, brother, remember I am straight.

    :D LOL, just teasing!!!

  14. glad to see that elephants arent effected in the same way as humans by the phases of the moon and other pesky planets like the rest of us. elephant walks in looks around and just laughs it up. oh us humans. we are so silly.

    Big Poppa lays it down the way it is and peoples heads start getting screwed on correctly again.

  15. Big Poppa is affected by the moons and stars. He has really gone off lately with people in his 3-d world, especially lazy co-workers who try dump work on him and incompetant folks at car dealerships. But I read a good article about stress management and it has changed my life. Just read my sig and it states the obvious.

    Appreciate what you have
    Savor the simple pleasures of life
    Be concerned about your health - but don't go overboard
    Instill community in your life
    live life to the fullest because it won't be here for ever
    and its more fun to tease and aggravate your friends than strangers.

    Peace out! :D

  16. I'll say this again....

    Don't judge me by your habits.....LMAO!

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