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The correct way to take a hit out of a pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by HighTime, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Im just making sure im doing it right. I hold the lighter to the weed for like maybe 1.5 seconds then let go suck in for 2 seconds let go of the carb and suck in for half a second and then inhale and hold it in for usually 5 seconds. Should i be taking longer hits? Thanks.
  2. just do what feels right bro.
    some people like big hits.
    others like itty bitty ones.
    its your herb.
    your body.
    your piece.
    smoke it how you want.
  3. Sounds correct to me. 5 or 6 seconds is plenty of time for the THC to be absorbed. Make sure to corner the weed as well (hold the lighter against the corner, not right on the top) to conserve a bit. Just hold the lighter to the tip as well, don't torch it unless you want to keep it cherry for the next one or two people.
  4. See i didnt know that i load up a bowl and my weed is cached before it goes back and forth once. Fuck. ha
  5. Try this:

    Put flame over weed and start sucking. When u feel enough smoke in ur lungs let go of the carb and suck more then hold in for a couple of seconds, exhale & repeat. Make sure u have enough room in ur throat to clear it (when you let go of the carb) or else u will choke.

    Hope this helps
  6. Make sure ur sucking while the flame is over it
  7. You can also clear it after your first, full hit if you think you'll choke.
  8. Put your mouth to the piece
    Light it
    Now stop

    Inhale fresh air (mouth off of piece at this point)
    5 seconds of held breath
    Exhale smoke
    Be high
  9. Aight when will is stop coughing like a motherfucker after big hits?
  10. 1. Corner the bowl (don't put the flame to the whole bowl, instead light half at a time. You'll get less smoke but still a good hit)
    2. Generally take smaller hits, it also could be the piece you're smoking out of. I cough hard on blunts sometimes, but not on joints..?

    Happy smokin' :smoking:

  11. theres no exact science to it....sometimes i hit differently depending on the weed, like if its good weed i can take bigger hits,,sometimes its harsh so i take smaller hits...sometimes its sticky and needs to be hit harder...and sometimes its dry and burns faster...it all depends and through time it will all be natural. so till then just do what feels right,.
  12. I was kind of wondering the same thing. I've noticed a huge difference between people who smoke cig vs. non cig smokers and also people who've ever had to use asthma inhalers. I think those who are used to inhales have the disadvantage. It's hard to distinguish sucking and inhaling which in my experience leads to a lot of waste! =( Anyone else know what I'm talking about, and if so do you have any advise?
  13. You're overcomplicating something thats not complicated. It's a simple process, stop thinking too much into it.
  14. Sounds good :) The only advice to you is that you can hold it maybe a bit longer. I usually hold mine for about 10 seconds.... but some people just cant hold it that long. Another thing is to try to inhale more and more every time. Eventually you will be able to do a huge hit off of anything and not choke to death.
  15. Light until necessary, inhale , inhale, let go of carb, inhale, close carb, inhale, inhale, exhale

    I usually just carry on till I can feel my lungs full. Sometime's I use the carb a few times in one toke.

    To me it doesn't make a difference the length I hold it in. I generally hold it in for about 3 seconds though
  16. I light, inhale, take carb off, inhale, put carb back on, inhale, take carb off, inhale, hold, exhale. essentially.

    but really to each his own. just make sure you clear the smoke from the chamber on your last inhale.

    as for the coughing thing - smoke every day for a week and you should be doing better on bigger hits. also, in my experience, drinking water/pop after a bad cough just makes my throat more sensitive.
  17. it only takes 3-6 seconds for it to be effective. 10 secs is overkill and the head high is just air deprivation at that point.

    sucking is like you would a straw(without the swallowing part). just there to fill the pipe with smoke and your mouth as it drifts out. the inhale is when you directly take in the smoke into your lungs like taking a breath.

    so it would be "suck suck"
    (small amount of smoke enters mouth)
    "slightly inhale"
    and then take your hand off the carb and inhale whats in the pipe just enough to clear it and take your mouth off and inhale clean air to get it all the way down.

    it takes practice to do this all in one breath but it comes naturally.
    as for the coughing it depends ont he overall harshness the size of the hit and whatever your lungs can handle. every ones different. if you cough a lot it doesn't mean your a bitch. just means it was an intense hit.
  18. I just do it like this:

    Suck (3 secs - how hard is up to you)
    remove thumb from carb, suck again (3 secs)
    remove spoon from mouth
    inhale and hold for a few secs
    exhale...then repeat 2-3 times til the bowls no longer lit - light again, repeat...try lighting again, if its gone - empty

  19. PERFECT! Way to get on my wavelength :hello:. I'll work on this :cool: BTW... any experiences w/ inhalers?
  20. 2 secs? the fuck man inhale as far as u can

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