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The correct way to 'pack' a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ariees, Dec 22, 2012.

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    Been smoking for a year. Pretty avid pot smoker and not new to much except oils. Smoking with my friend. Friend's dad walks in. Tells me to pack his water bong. I Break up the bud and put it in the bowl. He then is like "What? Pack it down." And he literally packs the weed down with his thumb. He said thats how your supposed to pack a bowl. He then told me it burns better and to only mash it a little because you dont want to stop the air flow. Does anyone else do this? Most everyone I have smoked bowls/pipes with never mashed/smashed/packed the weed down.
  2. What I do, break up the bud, fill the bowl, pack it down, then add a bit more. Yes, you should pack it, it will help it cherry.
  3. I find when I pack I end up with a lot of clogs, so I just fill it or smoke one hitters
  4. After I grind, I always pack my weed. I do this before removing it from the grinder. I pick it up between two fingers and squeeze slightly along the side of the grinder. This forms a diamond-like piece of weed. I squeeze enough so that it will hold itself together, but no tighter.

    Then I place this bud in my pipe. It's packed so that it burns smoothly but does not clog the hole because I didn't press it down.
  5. first, it's either a water pipe (in all headshops or in the presence of authority) or a bong. not water bong. that's redundant. in any case, there's a good reason it's called "packing" a bowl rather than filling a bowl. pack it enough to remove large air pockets, but don't crush it. i like to use tweezers to pick up and place the bud, then use the flat other end to tamp down the bowl.
  6. I usually just fill it. When I smoke with other people I'm never in charge of packing bowls because I pack "bitch bowls", probably because I'm a bitch. But yeah some people do and some don't. And some that do sometime end up having to repack it because they pushed it down too hard.
  7. I don't think there really is any one way to 'correctly' pack a bowl.
    The purpose of a grinder is to get the marijuana to a consistency that will burn evenly and cleanly, no matter which way you decide to smoke it. However, just like in a joint, marijuana with lots of breathing room in a bowl will burn more quickly. But if it's a heavily packed bowl that has been compressed or "packed down", so to speak, it will burn more slowly.
  8. Depends on the weed. If it isn't very good, we don't get much good weed here anymore since the feds came in for a few months, I just break the bud into the size of the bowl and jam it in there. Get the seeds out too. I usually use a water fall so either the entire thing burns or half burns and you can do another with it. All that is left is pure ash, and it is letting in little enough air so that it gets milky and stays lit. If it is Korn, really small buds, I do the same thing, sometimes put two buds in there. If it is good, I break it or grind it and pack it tightly then with my pinky nail break it up a little. I find that to be perfect with a bong.

  9. first, you're obviously lying. second, what is wrong with you? it's wrong on a basic level to get animals high.
  10. yeah i pack mine down, only so i can fit more in the bowl :bongin:
  11. No I've never pressed it down much (don't wanna turn it into brickweed shit lol, kidding! but srsly). IMO as long as you can cherry the entire bowl in 1 hit (or multiple) then that's all that matters. But I guess in theory, packing it down could refine the burn and help it to cherry better - I'mma try dat!
  12. Does it really matter? There is no "correct" way to pack a bowl. You just put your herb in it and smoke it. If you're only putting a small snap in there it would not make much sense to pack it down. If you plan on packing a huge half-full bowl hit then you might want to pack it down - it seems to help it cherry and burn a little slower. IMO it still cherry'z if ya' don't pack it if the bowl is large enough. Your preference. :bongin:
  13. I use only use Clipper lighters and they're shaped perfectly for packing the bowl. I grind my bud up, put it in the bowl and gently press down on it. My hits seem bigger and less 'airy' this way.

    Personal preference though. There's no correct way to pack a bowl, if you're stoned when the bowl's cashed, you're doing it right.
  14. Yeah I press the bud down so it's pretty tight, it seems to keep the cherry going nicely and you can fit more in a bowl.
  15. Pack it down just a tiny bit, don't want to overdo it otherwise it won't hit so well.
  16. Yeah your friends dad is right. Dont pack it really tight or you wont get much and itll die out and need relit.

    Grind it up a bit and pack it in, then get the kief out of the grinder (slam it on a table or something face down) and sprinkle it on the top :)
  17. I might press it down a little to fit some more bud in there, but I see nothing wrong with just filling it with fresh grindings. Better ventilation for combustion when you don't pack it down, too
  18. Since I started rooming with my current roomy, he has taught me a lot about smoking and before I never packed it down but now I do. Shit burns longer.
  19. Your friend's dad was correct in my opinion. My correct way to pack a bowl is to first grind it, then pinch the correct amount that you want, then press the bud down into the bowl but not tight enough where the air can't get through, then finally take a perfect hoot.

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