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The cops want my neighbor

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smokey55109, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. So I live in a duplex, and my neighbor sells weed. He's not my dealer, but I've known he sells. Well, the police are watching him now, because he doesn't hide it well at all. I'm almost pissed that he brought heat to my area. It makes it harder for me to do my thing. :/
  2. Dude go let him know
  3. yeah first off go tell him(dont make it seem like ur buying or anything) and just be careful bout your shit cuz if cops see some smoke being blown out windows it isnt gonna look to good
  4. How is not a dealer but you know he deals?
    Its like you know its not a zebra but it is at the same time.

    Edit:eek: hes not your dealer...
  5. Yeah, he knows now. I just hate the thought that the fuzz will be poking around my area.
  6. warn him bout the heat. help a brotha out.

    edit: nvm then^ just don't make yourself obvious if po was to knock on the door.
  7. Hell yeah. I don't think I'll be smoking at my place any time soon.
  8. Smoking inside they wouldn't know. What's the problem.
  9. They are on his ass, not yours. If needed, get one of those smoke buddies or whatever with the carbon filter and just take bong hits and blow into that and keep doing your thing.
  10. Yeah. I suppose I won't really be on their radar since they just want him.
  11. What the fuck they gonna do? Spark up a blunt in front of your house like a motherfuken certified boss.

  12. ...Give you a ticket?
  13. give him a call and thell that guy to get his shit together.
  14. I dont see the problem here if your not selling lol....if anything hes a good deterrent for you :p...but ya good thing you told him, now he will be more careful. Problem solved, nothing to get pisssy about haha
  15. Make sure you go tell him whats up when they're watching his front door.

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