The cops got my ass... [Long story]

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  1. (This might be a long story but I'll space it out so it's not hard to read)

    So it's December 13th, a Thursday. It's 2:45 and I just got out of school (I'm a senior and I am 17.) and my friend wanted to smoke so I was down. We get to his house smoke a few bowls and I leave it's like 4:30 and I'm walking home from his house. I get a call from another friend who I smoke with every single day for the past 2 - 3 months (been smoking for a year and a half now) asking me if I could come out tonight and I said I would. He told me to bring some weed (he would match me) my bowl (just got this bowl 4 days before from a smoke shop) and a lighter. And I said alright.

    Ok, so it's 6:30 and my friend calls me and asks me what time I would come out to my neighborhood park and I said whenever he got there. I called him and told him I didn't have enough room in my pockets to hold my weed so I just told him I would bring my bowl and he could use it because I was already high from smoking after school. And I brought my cigs, bowl, and a lighter. I met up with him at 6:45. 3 of my friends were there. And 2 other kids that were just at the park that I know because they live in the neighborhood.

    So were all at the park and I'm smoking a cig or two and threw the box cause I finished the pack. My other friend who also met up with my friend that called me to come out brought my other friend "ZL" with him. Both friends drive on there permits... So my friend "B" says we should go in his Explorer and smoke it out (in the parking lot) All 6 of us get into the truck and "ZL had to sit in the trunk" "B" packed a bowl and we all passed it around and when it was cashed "B" blew out the remains and gave me the bowl and said we would roll a blunt.. My friend looks at me giving my bowl back and goes "Holy fucking shit there is a cop pulling in..."

    I sketched out so hard and I should of threw the bowl under the seat because my friend "ZL" put all his shit under the seat in the trunk area. Instead I put the bowl pack in my pocket like a fucking idiot. The cop shined his beam of light at our car and came over to the window and goes "We got a call about two vehicles coming to this park that don't live in this neighborhood at the same time for the past few months". Then says "Whats the smell" and my friend "W" looked at us in the back and said "officer they were smoking cigarettes" and the cop says "Do you think I'm a fucking idiot? And all of our hearts just dropped..

    He tells my friend "B" to hop out of the car and pats him down and finds his dip in a can in his sock, and tells him to sit on the curb. I was sketching the fuck out again cause I had my bowl in my pocket and didn't want to get caught and then the cops tells me to come out and starts patting me down. As he was patting me down I was like moving around and the cop put me in a headlock and started choking me out, I was squirming because I couldn't breath. Then he found my bowl in my pocket and put me in cuffs and threw me in the back of the cop car. Everyone got searched and they found nothing on anyone.. Then two other cops pulled up and searched the truck and found "B's" medicine bottle in the cup holder and inside was about 3 - 4 grams". A scale and I believe some baggies. "B" is 15 and I'm 17. The cop said I was put in cuffs because I "resisted him" and charged me with Resisting arrest w/out violence. "B" wasn't arrested like I was but they wrote him some tickets or whatever for whatever they found and his mom had to get him.

    Everyone's parents came and got my friends except since I "resisted arrest" they hauled my ass to juvi. It was like 9:45 when I got there and I didn't get out of juvi until fucking 12:30AM.

    The pigs charged me with:
    Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    Resisting Arrest w/o Violence

    If you guys want any more information let me know, I'll provide.

    Man, fuck the cops they could of just told us to leave but the guy was a dick.

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