The cops are out in force...

Discussion in 'General' started by cowofsteel, May 26, 2003.

  1. ... which of course made my weekend shit. I saw 4 cops on my way home from work, its a 5 mile drive. There must be somthing up cause i've seen more cops this weekend then in my entire life! Even some from other cities and counties! i wanna what the hell is going on!
  2. memorial day man they are out in full force on this holiday weekend
  3. well thats what i heard but why??? i mean this isn't really all that big of a holiday.

    Or maybe thats the point, school is still close, banks and crap are still closed but no one has family plans... hmmmmm
  4. Yupp.... usually there are 7 cop cars patrolling our town.....4 county and 3 town..... but it covers a two town distance so its not that bad.... unless your unlucky...... latly though, ive seen up to 10 diff cars..... 6 county ones alll havin a big pow wow in one parking lot two nights tokers beware an be carefull.....
  5. Extra cops around cuz terrorists kept hypin it up that they were gonna blow up shit this weekend...

    Don't u stoners watch the news? geez...
  6. haha what would the terriost have to terriosris besides my neighbors pet racoon and our super walmart (the two biggest attractions in this shitty town)????
  7. Nah man. Ain't the terrorists they're after, it's greenbacks. Time to raise a little revenue, pay for them new cars, and other crime fighting equipment.
  8. ahh yes! it all makes since to me now! i know are greedy little piggys would love some new undercover pick-ups! (they've been whinning about that forever!)
  9. Yeah, last night i was driving up I5 towards seattle to go clubbing and I saw 5 different popos all together just driving on the freeway, let me tell you, everyone backed off and stayed a good distance from them.. it was quite funny
  10. I went to the coast on friday and was astounded by the amount of patrol cars and bikes.

    tax dollars @ work
  11. memorial day.....its a holiday so they have to be prepared for drunk drivers and shit like every holiday.

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