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the coolest way to smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by LifeRollsOn, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. i know there are hundreds of ways to smoke bud.
    i know thirty something of the craziest joints to roll.
    i love puffin on a fat blunt just as much as the next stoner.
    ive ripped all sorts of bongs and bubblers
    waterfall bongs, gravity bongs, 6 footers....
    i want to know some of your different/unorthodox ways to smoke.

    not too many people ive told this to knew what it was. but i think its one of the coolest ways to blaze.

    for those of you who dont know what a milkshake is;
    take a large popcorn bowl or something like that and fill it up with ice water.
    place a large glass or mug into the water.
    make sure the waters not too high to spill inside the cup.
    place a CD over the glass.

    you then take a blunt or a joint and blow a shotty into the center hole of the CD.
    fill the glass with a nice creamy hit and cover the hole with your finger.
    let the smoke chill in the glass for a few moments

    remove the CD and drink your hit
    (the smoke condenses in the glass because of the ice water)

    you can get the absolutely huge hits this way.

    its one of my favorite ways to smoke, although i rarely do it
    its not that hard to set up but if your in a big circle, its really more of a pain because it takes awhile to go around

    anyone else have something like that to share?:wave:
  2. Wow that is pretty sweet ill have to try that
  3. It sounds cool but i don't get how the smoke gets into the cup. Do you blow a hit into it or what? haha sorry i'm high :rolleyes:
  4. hollowed licorice
  5. do you know what a shotty is?
    where you put the burning end of a blunt into your mouth and blow a hit out the other side.

    you put the filter end into the CD hole and blow a shotty into the cup
  6. Oh i get it
    I know what a shotty is but i just skimmed over your post
  7. joints or parachutes. (i think they're also called lungs.)
  8. Drinking smoke. You have to use a J and a 2 liter bottle, you make a hole that you cna fit the J in near the bottom of the bottle, turn it so it is horizontal with the hole facing up, place the J there, and pull slowly. When done right, the smoke is thick at the bottom and you can tilt the bottle to "drink the smoke".

    really kinda cool when done right :hello:
  9. I think the coolest way to smoke is a blunt rolled with a cured dank leaf. I think it would be the coolest way to smoke because it would be near impossible for many people to roll and it would look crazy.
  10. Damn dude that is a crazy idea. I have to try that tonight or some shit

  11. whats a parachute?
  12. im pretty sure its when you take a bag and then somehow attach it to like a gatorade bottle. then use the bag as a "lung" to collect the smoke. its kinda like a vaporizer except your not vaporizing the bud.

    i just used my homemade vapo:smoking:
  13. You should post a video or something..... of either the mug or gatorade bottle..... it would be intense

  14. for the milkshake?
    haha ok ill do it right now
  15. i don't think thats a shotty unless shotty isn't the same as shotgun maybe that's why u said shotty

  16. same thing:D
  17. ahh, the milkshake. havent done one of those in a while.
  18. gatorade bottles dont work because it has to sink to the bottom, huge beer mugs work the best or anything glass
  19. Do it! Ok, well I'm two months late, but really post that video.
  20. One month actually bro. :smoking:

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