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the coolest thing that has ever happened to me!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IGotTheCottons, Oct 22, 2002.

  1. well, i'm all baked... and was going through my dank sack de-stalking it... and guess what falls into my hand... a seed!!! OMG... this so made my night! i hope it grows into a big gorgeous female :) :) :) that'd be awesome... anyone think it'd be possible to harvest by Christmas? also... if anyone has links to sites for n00b growers (lol... yeah, yeah), posting a few would be greatly appreciated :)
  2. youve got STALKS in your weed?!?!

    fuck dude..ive had stems before..but STALKS?!?!


    just fuckin around

  3. i call stems stalks... lol... they're usually a decent size 'cause when we buy weight he just throws in huge ass nugs... and in the middle of the nug is a big ass stem, lol :)
  4. Did you do the happy dance when the seed fell into your hand, Cottons???? The happy dance is what will make your seed grow into a big beautiful female do know this, right????

    ..might as well just toss that seed dude :(

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  6. wait-you got excited when you found 1 seed?shit!i get like 20 seeds in a twanky 1 seed wont grow,playa you need a couple or really good luck
  7. I have faith that Cottons did the happy it will grow.

  8. so are your twenty sacks like all seeds or what
  9. 20 Seeds in a 20 sack? Sounds like Swag to me... I know when i get swag is has mad seeds out of all the dank I have baught over the years I only got two seeds...

  10. lol... i did the happy dance... althought in my excitement i forgot to post it... but sadly... i have lost the seed :( lol... oh well. if it did start growing it probably woulda died... i don't have enough money to grow yet, lol...
  11. ok well i dont no what swag is but is it like shake?hell no-i get that sticky shit!but i got tha hook up my is fat,but the only thing that comes seedless is indo or hydro here in dallas but yes my is good dont hate cuz you dont get buds like me playa
  12. All we here smoke is that stuff. I only smoke schwag if I have to. Good bud (hydro isn't necessarily good, btw) doesn't have seeds. I've never found a seed in any bud I've paid more than like $35 a quarter.
  13. our dank (all but twice) is seedless... my friends found a seed a while bad in a sack... but i guess they just tossed it... oh well, the day will come when i have a harvest :)
  14. what?i dont understand your reply-but you pay $35 for a quarter or regular cake? you a dumbass if you do.i get a thirty of fire for $30.and its reeeeeealy fire 4 reals!so is swag like shake???
  15. shwag is commecial mexican shit that comes over the border down by you, don't get me wrong, there is every now and then a good batch of mexican, we call it sexi mexi here, few seeds and it actually is kinda sticky, you can sort of even see crystals. more of that probably stays down there than makes it to where i am though.
  16. dallas hyna,

    What I said was anything I pay more than $35 for a quarter should have no seeds. We smoke cronic, dank, real "fire", aka High Times shit. It's pretty to look at and tastes good, has no seeds and is coated with crystals. Prices are about (Here in TN)$20 a gram/$60 an eighth (3.5 grams)/$120 a 1/4. Schwag, brick weed, whatever is like $25 a 1/4 here. That's what you smoke I assume...Not trying to sound like an ass...
  17. oh...ok. well i no that the more you go north-the more expencive weed gets (usually).yours is prolly sum good shit but i get sum shit that looks crazy!!it has red hairs and is real sticky.its not skunk but daaaaaaamn it smellyso mouth is watering (hehe) but its like $10 for 3 or 4 grams-they hook it up tyte in dallas!
  18. jtmarlin-are you talking about hydro?
  19. Hydro doesnt mean anything really, it's a growing method. I usually smoke like Northern Lights or Shishka Berry, stuff like that. I'm not in the north, I'm in the south. I've had good 'dro, but I've had some organic weed that was even better...
  20. i can't wait till next spring so i can start my own organic (i have to wait to grow outdoors). i feel like a little kid in a candy store trying to pick out strains!

    yeah hydro is nothing more than a growing method. you can get hydro with seeds, but anything you buy should be pretty seedless. females are the highest in potency and don't produce seeds. if they're pollinated by males (who are very weak) then they can become hermies and seeds will develope. hermies are more potent than males, but less potent than females. wheter or not it has seeds depends on it's sex not how it's grown.

    i'm pretty posotive that's all accurate, but if need someone be sure to correct me. i've been reading everything i can on growing so i have to at least act like i know what i'm talking about =]

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