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  1. I guess I should start at the beginning. Almost two years ago, just before Christmas, a friend of the family was killed in a car accident. His parents live just up the road from us, and he lived about 8 miles away in the next town. He was only in his late twenties, with a wife and young son. When his son was born his mother's cat had just had a litter of kittens, and he got the first pick. He chose what he thought was the perfect cat for his family, and that was that. A few months later her was dead.

    Fast forward to late May of this year. A couple of months ago a stray cat appeared on our back porch. It looked very hungry, but otherwise in good health, so we started to feed it and let it hang around. Our friend's youngest sister is the same age as my oldest daughter, and they have some of the same classes together in high school. So his sister called a couple of hours ago to ask if she could ride down here and borrow some of my daughter's notes for a class. Of course, the answer was yes. She gets here, and while she's standing in the yard talking to my daughter she notices the cat. She suddenly turns white and asks, "Where did that cat come from?" My daughter told her it was just a stray that showed up one day and never left. Her friend says, "That's my brother's cat, Zeus." We're all like, no way! She said yes, it's a male, it's neutered, and it has a chip. So we immediately stick the cat in a pet carrier and drive it to the vet. The vet scanned for a chip, and sure enough, it was Zeus.

    That cat got away somehow and walked 8 miles to try to find its way back to our friend's house. So the sister calls her sister in law to ask about the cat, and the wife said she had already gotten another cat to replace Zeus, and that if we wanted to keep him, we could. But then the friend's mother starts to get a little emotional and decided that she wanted to keep the cat. So we, or course, let her take it. He's a very sweet cat. I know he's only been here a couple of months, but I'm going to miss him a little bit. At least we know, though, that he'll be well taken care of where he's going.

    Kinda funny how things work out sometimes, eh?
  2. Wow! That's pretty wild how that happened, it's crazy:laughing: That's pretty cool :)
  3. Sweet man that's weird how that all like lined up idk wierd man but awesome!
  4. The cat walked 8 miles to get away from those people only to run into that girl and get sent back.

    I can imagine the look on his face as he muttered "Fuck."

    No but seriously, that's cool. I'm sure the boy was happy to have has cat back.
  5. Um, I'm not sure you read the post right. =/
    The "boy" was a man, and he's DEAD now. After he died, his cat got loose and travelled 8 miles to try to get back to the house where it was born.
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    Nah I understood everything but, at first glance, these parts led me to believe it was the sons' cat.

    You never mentioned where the cat got lost. If it got lost in their town then it walked 8 miles in the wrong direction.. I just didn't understand that part. And I was joking btw.

    but anyway that's a nice story and I'm glad they got their cat back.
  7. Wow that's crazy!

    .. I love cats, they're so chill. :D
  8. Maby ur friends spirit went into the cat, and then the cat walked 8miles hoping you would blaze it out? Hey its possible, I kno its what I would do
  9. You know what would make that story even better?... If it was a dog. Just kidding, cats are actually really cool animals as long as they have a good personality
  10. Thats fucking really sweet man.

  11. LOL, hahah, that's funny :laughing: But yeah, I understand what you mean by cats and them having a good personality. The last 10+ cats I have own have all been pretty cool cats, but the cat that I currently have has a really nasty attitude. His name was bear-bear, but then we renamed him grumpers because his grumpy all the time. His really demanding with his meows and is really nasty towards my two chiwawas. It is usually the dogs that attack the cats, but in this case, my cat attacks the dogs.:laughing: It's crazy~!
  12. Best username for this thread HA

    But yea that's a cool story
  13. ^^haha yeah, I noticed that too. :cool:
  14. I thought I'd give y'all an update on Zeus. The family that he came from didn't come to get him for almost a week after our cool discovery. I thought they'd changed their minds. Then, the other day, Wednesday I think, they finally came to get him. I was a little hurt actually.

    Well, guess what!?!?!?!? The damn cat came! I guess he didn't like it at their house, so he came back to ours. Personally, if I were a stray cat looking for a home, and I stumbled upon my house, I wouldn't want to leave either. We treat our pets like royalty 'round here.

    I haven't called the other family yet to tell them that Zeus is here. I suppose I should, but I don't think Zeus will stay with them. If they don't keep him in the house, he'll just keep coming back here. What should I say to them? Y'all think I should just come out and ask if we can keep him? I mean, they're in the process of trying to find homes for 6 kittens right now. It seems to me they don't need another cat. At the same time, the cat belonged to their deceased son. Then again, this cat is a living thing, and it deserves to be treated well. What should be done is what is best for the cat. Am I right? Then again and again, I don't want to upset or anger our friends since they're also neighbors, although not right off our back step, they live a few miles down the road.

    Anybody have any advice, or want to weigh in an opinion on this. I could certainly use an outside opinion since my interests in the cat are muddled with my affection for it. That tends to make me biased. Here's a couple of pics of him. He's so sweet. Just a big ole baby.

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