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  1. So we had some bad weather, and I had a volunteer that wanted to make me a screen for fun. I had to post the results.....

    Materials, total cost $26:
    3/4 in piping
    Corner joints
    Trasparent lanyard of many colors

    Now, I wasn't expecting anything crazy, but what I got is amazingly unique. Picking colors that went together was an endless debate. Each braid is made up of the three wrapped color on the side. The grid is stictched together so they are interlocking but can still be slid along one of the two braids.

    It's 23x33in and on 2.5ft legs. It fits inside my 4x2x6.5 tent perfectly. It's gunna glow under the LED! And there I was expecting something basic to be made for me...

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  2. Looks cool! Hopefully you aren't planning on cutting the screen to harvest! Actually seems useful to thread through the braids like that..
  3. No not planning on cutting it, but it would actually be easy to replace a braid if needed. And yea, threading like that gives full support and give you flex ability on the grid space.
  4. Very pretty, are those threads movable side to side? Very very cool idea ..

    You are so open minded I should only think like you...
  5. Yes, the grid can side on one axis at every intersection
  6. Thats is such a cool idea im thinking of doing something like this for my tent can u give me a little more info wgere did u get this material from. My tent area is 5x5 so it will be a little more$ but awesome idea.
  7. I got the pipe at lowes, same with all the corner connections. Was like a buck a corner and 2-3 bucks per 5 foot pipe, drilled holes and cut pipe how I needed. Then the lanyard was in the craft section at Walmart for 5 dollars per pack, I needed 2.
  8. And eat a couple recreational treats before you go:)

    I am so open minded you should only think like me..

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