The Coolest Old Man I Ever Came Across

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  1. I was cruising down a usually vacant, two way street. I always take this route when I have time to take the scenic route back home because it's practically a straight-away and pretty much everyone gets away with flooring it. Well as I was entering this street an old man was coming from the opposite direction in a ferrari. He was rocking a Hawaiian shirt, gold necklace, gold watch, some really expensive looking sunglasses and an expression that let you know that he was a boss. The guy slows down and flashes his lights at me 3-4 or times and mouthed something to me. I'm not entirely sure but I think he was trying to let me know that I should slow down. Well, after that I just maintained the speed limit, I was unaware of what that was all about, I was the only person on the street and was confused as to why he flashed his lights at me. Well as I was approaching the end of the street there were four cop cars all hidden on every exit point. Why so many cops? I have no fucking idea but I think the guy just prevented me from getting a speeding ticket.
    I wish I had the chance to thank him for his random act of kindness...  :cry:

  2. Whenever I see cops sitting around like that and I see people who are going to fall into the trap I try and warn them as much as possible. I am glad there are other people out there who do the same thing.
  3. flashing your lights/brights is the universal sign that there's a cop ahead.  shit has saved me and plenty of others from so many tickets.
  4. yeah, i always flash my highs to warn others of cops, accidents, animals, etc.
    moose are a huge concern lol.
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    I've always thought of having some kind of scrolling marquee that I could save a few messages on, like: "Speed Trap Ahead" or "DUI Check Point Ahead".

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