The Coolest Homemade Bong You've Seen?

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  1. What is the coolest homemade bong that you've seen that is actually makeable with fairly regular tools?

    I've seen a Pringles one, one with a little plastic bear toy and a FeBreeze bottle. What about you?

    Make sure you post pics and if it exists, a tutorial/how to


    Can't find pic of the Febreze bong

  2. Bump! I'd like to see what you guys think of this.
  3. I personally wouldn't smoke out of those because of the mysterious chemicals and materials that were used to make the Pringles can or the plastic honey bottle. But I guess if you aren't able to obtain glass or acrylic or something then these are good substitutions.
  4. This is mad cool. But I would only use those if I was out of options. And papers. Those materials aren't safe !
  5. Made this one a few months ago. Glass on glass gravity bong from 2 liquor bottles

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  6. would not use
  7. OP is that a trumpet mouthpiece on the Pringles bong? That's a crazy idea, too bad my brother plays the saxophone not the trumpet haha can't smoke out of his reeds...

  8. I played the sax in 4th grade... the teacher yelled at me because I couldn't play B note. So, I took the sax and threw it on the ground and left.
  9. [​IMG]

    Here's mine. I took a red wine vinegar bottle and my dremel with diamond bit and made a perfectly round hole the same diameter as another cheapo bong I had. Then I grabbed the gromet from the other bong, the downstem was an extra that was laying around and the bowl is a Ben Wilson custom piece. It's my best bubbler and tbh, I use it more than my lw15 arm.

    Cool factor is now my neighbor wants one so he's been tricking his wife into cooking with the stuff more to empty the bottle lmao.

  10. DOPE!!! I saw one with a Coca Cola Xmas bottle. It's a little orb shaped bottle like yours.

  11. Haha, that's so cool. I like little glass bubblers. If you have a dremel, you can get some diamond bits for like 15 bucks off amazon, a whole set. It's a great investment for a do it yourselfer.

    I don't know about you, but I've stared at many a glass bottle and saw a bong when no one else did. Now I make my own and it's extremely rewarding.

  12. Yeah man I'm going to buy one of those soon, I really want to make bongs out Grey Goose bottles.
  13. Here's a new one I made last week. Going to start selling these to the local headshop soon. Owner said he's interested!



    It's a vodka bottle.

    More to come!

    Edit: the glass is actually red on this bottle on the bottom, giving it that look....
  14. I made this one awile ago. It has a simple dome perc

  15. 12oz  Corona Bottle

    24oz  Corona Bottle

    Lucky Duck Wine Bottle

    Selling these to my local headshop tomorrow :)
  16. Awesome creations!! So far my favorite is the Circoc Vodka bottle!! Good Job Pokesmot247 :)

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