The Coolest Homemade Bong You'll Ever See

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by ohbiiiitch, May 14, 2011.

  1. Yeah i said it the COOLest

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  2. pretty cool...I still prefer glass :bongin:
  3. it is glass
  4. i've seen bongs in the headshop like this.
  5. haha...what was it, before you "made" it
  6. would have been better if the bottom was like a bubble and it sat on that. its kind of like a steam roller like that.
  7. Pretty sure I've seen this posted before. May have been slightly different, but pretty much the same.

    Not the cooliest, but it's pretty cool.
  8. This summer when I have time I'll have to re-create a past homemade that I still think no one has beat in terms of functionality and just how it looks nice.

    I used reinforced Voss bottles to make removable chambers, but the best part was how I designed gridded showerheads that stacked all the way to the moutpiece had I not built splash guards. I even made sure all the boring was correct to reduce all drag, and the reinforcing made it so the plastic didn't collapse at all giving that weird feeling as if the bong is fighting you for air. I also used glass bowls and downstems. I did use vinyl tubing but by the time smoke hit those it was cool enough I didn't worry about chemicals.

    EDIT: Anyways props for a homemade glass piece, that has a very interesting novelty look.
  9. seen it before, you can get them at spencers. looks nice id hit it.

    the other one i saw was drilled from the other side and it had angle so it looked better but still a badass bong :smoke:
  10. that is more of a bub
  11. This is the coolest homemade....

  12. totally going to my local costco to pick up a gun shaped liquor bottle! never thought i'd want one :D
  13. not going to lie, your right.

    that nug also got me extremely horny. i'll take the bong and fat ass nug.
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