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    well in a few days its going to be persian appreciation day. Do you know what they have contributed to modern society . ? well heres a list i thought it was interesting.

    (10,000 BC) - Earliest known domestication of the goat.
    (6000 BC) - The modern brick. Some of the oldest bricks found to date are Persian, from ca. 6000 BC.
    ~5000 BC) - Invention of Wine. Discovery made by University of Pennsylvania excavations at Hajji Firuz Tepe in northwestern Iran
    (5000 BC) - Invention of Tar (lute), that led to the development of the guitar
    (4700 BC ) the first know production of Hashish
    (2500 BC) - First Banking System of the World,at the time of the Achaemenid, establishment of Governmental Banks to help farmers at the time of drought, floods, and other natural disasters in form of loans and forgiveness loans to restart their farmings and husbandries.
    2000 BC) - Peaches are a fruit of Iranian origin, as indicated by their Latin scientific name, Prunus persica, from which (by way of the French) we have the English word "peach
    (1400 BC) - The game of Backgammon appears in the east of Iran
    (521 BC) - The game Polo
    500 BC) World's oldest Staple
    500 BC) The first courier post. Also called the "Royal Road"
    (400 BC) - Yakhchals, ancient refrigerators.
    (400 BC) - Ice cream
    (700 AD) - The cookie.
    (700 AD) - The windmill
    (864 AD-930 AD) - First systematic use of alcohol in Medicine

    ya thats basically it.
    oh ya they were also one of the first cultures to use hemp for clothes
    and the mass cultivation of cannabis for its mind altering properties . the word cannabis comes from the greek word kanabis wich comes from the persian word ganabis or the plant with 2 parts. the first controlled cross breading of cannabis to make it better was done by a persian biologist his name was mohsen of mashad a city near modern day afghanistan which used to be a part of persia

    complete story of how hashish was discovered

    One of the most colorful of these stories tells how Haydar, the Persian founder of a religious order of Sufis, discovered hashish in A.D. 1155.[1]

    According to the legend, Haydar was an ascetic monk who lived a life of rigid privation and self-chastisement in a monastery which he built in the mountains of Persia. For ten years he lived in this distant retreat, never leaving it for even a brief moment, seeing no one except his disciples.

    One hot summer day, however, Haydar fell into a state of depression and, contrary to his custom of never venturing out of his monastery, he wandered off into the fields to be alone. When he returned, his disciples, who had become alarmed at his unusual absence, noted a strange air of happiness and whimsy in his demeanour. Not only that, the hitherto reclusive monk even allowed them to enter his personal chambers, something he had never done before.

    Astounded by this dramatic change in their master's character, his disciples eagerly questioned the monk about what it was that had put him into this frame of mind. Haydar responded to their curiosity with amusement and proceeded to tell them how he had been wandering in the fields and had noticed that of all the plants near the monastery, only one had not been standing motionless in the oppressive heat of the day. Unlike its torpid and inanimate neighbors, this unusual plant seemed to dance joyfully in the sun's warmth. Overwhelmed by curiosity, Haydar picked a few of its leaves and ate them to see what they would taste like. The result was the euphoric state his disciples now observed in him.

    Upon hearing of this wonderful plant and desirous of sharing their master's pleasure, Haydar's pupils entreated him to show them this strange plant so that they too could partake of its marvellous virtues. Haydar agreed, but not before he made them promise under oath that they would not reveal the secret of the plant to anyone but the Sufis (the poor). So it was, according to legend, that the Sufis came to know the pleasures and contentment of hashish.

    After his discovery, Haydar lived another ten years, allegedly subsisting on cannabis leaves. Shortly before his death in A.D. 1221, he asked that cannabis leaves be sown around his tomb so that his spirit might walk in the shade of the plant that had given him such pleasure during his lifetime.

    Such is the legend of Haydar and his discovery of the powers of hashish. It is a simple story, amusing and entertaining, and, of course, apocryphal.
    oh ya any persians on GC
  2. Thank you for the goats and cookies
  3. :yay: Hooray for Persians. I love Persian culture. I had an amazing friend, Rastin, during college who introduced me to Persian culture. I love the food, love the music, and LOOOOVE the language. Farsi is so beautiful. ( I know Farsi isn't the only Persian language)
  4. Are Persia and Iran the same thing?

  5. ya the food is awesome and farsi is the only persian language althou not al persians speak farsi

    and to the dude that said iran is persia in short yes . greeks called up persian but persians call them self aryan or iranian ( persians and germans and irish basically come from the same race as far fetched as that sounds )
  6. Iran used to be called persia or something to that extent. Every iranian is persian but I'm pretty sure not every persian is iranian. But fuck Iran. And fuck Persian culture. they think their shit don't stink and they're better than everyone else.
  7. I had never tried persian food (except pita pit, but I'm going to assume that doesn't count lol) until a good friend of mine in Nanjing took me to a local restaraunt run by Iranians. Where I had once assumed that Persian cuisine consisted of starving, I soon learned that the Persians have a wide array of tasty and delectable dishes to offer the world. The menu was in Mandarin so I don't the names of the dishes, but I do know if you give a Persian cook rice, lamb, and special spices he/she is going to put one hell of a spread in front of you.

    And FYI, I wouldn't be so sure the Persians invented hash. Tibetan monks have made finger hash since Bhuddism reached Tibet. Bhuddism reached Tibet well before 1000 AD...
  8. really dude? u just sound like an asshole coming in here and saying that, not tryin to start a debate here but that dudes jus tryin to show love for persians, and he jus listed a bunch of cool shit they discovered. one of my best friends is iranian/persian and hes a good dude
  9. Maybe I came on a little strong. Don't get me wrong, I knew a few iranians and they're cool as fuck. I'm mainly speaking politcally if you get what I'm saying. Got nothing against individual persians
  10. Don't forget their contributions to the world of jewelry and fashion.

  11. Persia existed before ahobinajob or whatever there crazy dictators name is. Their culture will exist after he is dead. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a current dictator does not equal the entirety of a culture. It does however, take a bigot to make the mistake of thinking that it does. Do you hate hamburgers because of Hitler? No, even if you hate hamburgers its not because of Hitler. If it wasn't for the Persians WHO WOULD LEONIDAS KICK INTO A PIT!?!?!?
  12. Whatever dude. I don't hate anybody. I just want my president to invade their country and drop bombs.
  13. If we invade Iran I'm sneaking into Canada and squatting until I can claim legal residency.
  14. Why invade and bomb when you could just send 300 Spartans? Rumor has it they either come home with their shield, or on top of it. I imagine that means they ride the shield like a flying carpet.
  15. Don't worry dude, our president is so far left and radical we're more likely to become irans ally than invade them.:rolleyes:
  16. So fart left he's a moderate. :confused_2:
  17. Not even close. Yeah, sure, compared to some Euro country he's probably a moderate. But compared to all of the united states presidents hes possibly farther left then any of them, ever.
  18. you guys are exactly what an example of americans are. u dont apericate people around u . and beilive everything in hollywood you are disrespectful. fucking if i wanted to say iranians i would have but iranian means u were born in iran ....

    seriously i thought GC was a place of acceptance
  19. Who exactly are "you guys"?

    I see only one person who you might be referring to.
  20. ya im not saying everybody i just talking bout the dude who supposidly has inner peace

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