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The Contest

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. Today is the beginnning of BPP's The Contest. I'm supposed to meet "Nate" and "Cowboysaxman" next weekend in New Orleans. So what two better contestants to play The Contest.

    Johnny, what are they playing for?

    A big brand new joint from BPP's select resevre stash. And not just that but its a big rasta joint from SJ's futurola. stay tuned for details....................................................
  2. DAMN this puter's been down, hope I'm not too late for entry BPP!!
  3. I can't believe I got that stoned, that quick after work on Friday to post this thread........The weird and crazy things that flow through my head............................

    But since Cowboy spoke up here's the rules:

    I'm gonna post 5 questions and whoever answers the most questions right wins. Use any means necessary witht his board to find your answers.

    Sounds simple doesn't it?

    OK Nate and Cowboy here goes........

    #1 - What did Big Poppa get his wife for a birthday present last year?

    #2 - When did Big Poppa last have a hair cut?

    #3 - What celebrity does Big Poppa have a crush on and we are not supposed to mention her name around Mrs Poppa

    #4 - How many and what breed of dogs does Big Poppa have?

    #5 - What does Big Poppa do to celebrate the Fourth of July? (hard one)

    Tie Breaker: pick a number between 1 and 100.

    OK now you've got the questions, lets see if you can find the answers. EACH and EVERY question has been brought up on this board before. (just another example that I talk too much!)

    Like I said, use any means necessary to find the answers. Poll the audience, PM those blades who may know, Ask for help from the audience, etc...

    I need your final answers by 6:00 am, Central Standard Time on Friday March 29.

    Good Luck!
  4. Won't you pleeeeease, help me, help meeeeeeee! Pardon the old Beattles "Hookline", but I "think" I have all the answers to BPP's contest except how He celebrated 4th of July. So I'm gonna have to use a life-line and ask all ya'll for a lil' help. I was gonna create a poll asking how the U.S. Blades celebrated the 4th, but I thought BPP might be just a lil' too cagey to fall for that!!!LMAO ......unless I could catch him on a "whiskey weekend" Come on ya'll...Help an old head out!!! LOL :smoking:
  5. I think #5 comes from the old yahooka days......... One of the old yahookans might have a pretty good memory.

    Just remember to post your final answers on this thread. But if you do it too quick "nate" may sneak up on you...........
  6. Ok here goes everything...

    #1 BPP got his wife a guitar & a custom glass pipe(candycane)

    #2 BPP's last haircut was Dec 13th(wants to look like Russell Crowe)

    #3 Celeb. crush is of course Ashley Judd shhhhh don't tell momma puff

    #4 BPP has 2 Blue Heelers, 1male 1female

    #5 BPP celebrates 4th of July by celebrating his beautiful lil' girl's Birthday. Thanks to the Blades for the last one.

    Not sure if I should post my tie-breaker # yet, but WTF it's 69 of course LOL

    "nate" just enter the same answer's and it will be a tie and we'll share the prize....LMAO Hell...let's share anyway!!!

  7. #1 2 inches

    #2 Christmas

    #3 Tina Turner

    #4 2 Sooners (sooner to shit as to eat)

    #5 Stick a fire cracker up his butt

    Tie Breaker...................72 That is a 69 with two fingers up his butt at the same time!

    Did I win???????????????????????????
  8. Bud Head....LMFAO.. We surely have a winner just on comedy content alone!!!!!!!!!!
  9. LOL
    you guys are crazy :) cowboysaxman talk about pullin' together your resources :)
    although, Bud Head does win in the creative/humor dept ;)
  10. Well it was an "open book test" LOL, and the Blades were a big help!, lose , or draw.......Where the Hell is "nate"???????I'm starting to feel like a one-legged man in an ass-kickin' contest!!!!

  11. Your right Bud because your wife wore my other 7 inches off. I bet she told you right before you had that last little heart attack?

    Just kidding around, LOL

    To whom it may concern: PLEUUUUZZZE don't mod this out.
  12. You want your score Cowboy?

    Counting the tiebreaker, you scored 4 out of 6. But pretty damn close on the haircut.

    Ok are we still on for tomorrow night

    Lafitte's around 10:00 pm I will be the 6'4" guy wearing the light blue Hawaiian shirt, brown curly/unkept hair and probably my black frame glasses. If my kids have their way I will be covered with butterfly and Easter temporary tattos.

    Hopefully I won't be running too late or too early. If I'm early, Go to the Cats Meow with a full beer and stand under the balcony. I will be the guy up top throwing beads trying to knock beers out of people's hands or hitting drunks in the back of the head until I get kicked out.
  13. Oh yeeeaaah! we'll be there!!! I'll be the sort, fat, Loooong haired cowboy (but not sure how I'll stand out on Bourbon St...LOL) and will be accompanied by my Hunny, PoohGator. If I don't wear my silver felt cowboy hat, I'll be wearing a USA flag B-ball cap. Blades Blazin' on Bourbon at 11 LMAO

    Buuuuut,what I really want to know is......WHERE THE HELL IS "NATE"????????????????

    and for the rest of ya'll, and I mean this in the best possible way......NEENER, NEENER, NEENER!!!! LMAO :smoking:
  14. WHERE THE HELL IS "nate"?????????
  15. I don't know where NAte is. It was her idea in the first place to have the reunion.

    BTW, how are you going to introduce yourself to me? Please don't come up to me and ask are you BPP? Hell we've "known" each other her for a while and it doesn't make sense to me to reintroduce ourselves.

    How about when you see me come up and say "Hey buddy what is the best rock and roll band of all times?" I'll answer " Led Fucking Zepplin, man. Don't you know?" and then we can take off on a conversation from there.

    Please forgive me, on these random thoughts. i have come to the conclusion that the full moon upsets my brain chemistry and I become a weird cross between Forestt Gump, Tom Green, John Nash from the movie beautiful mind, and Carl Childers from the movie "Slingblade".

    Mmmmmmmmm I like them french fried pertaters!

  16. How bout I sneak up on ya and say...give me ya Bunny Tattoo's NOW!!

    Guess you couldn't tell me from anyone else on BourbonSt. like that though!!
  17. Well ya'll here's an update.....

    Contest's over, prize was well worth the effort!!! Thnx BPP!!!

    Introduction "code" phrase worked perfectly!!! LOL

    BPP & Wife are GOOD people!!!

    On a darker note, Blade "nate" is MIA !!!

    BPP really did have Butterfly & Bunny Tattoo's!!! LOL
    (Not hard to tell he is a kind and loving Father!!)
  18. I aslso had ten toenails painted in various shades of pastel that I let my little girl paint that you didn't see.

    In a further note, i also showed Cowboy how to completely piss your wife off and how much class Momma had by not reaming me a new bunghole on Bourbon Street.

    My wife thought you and your wife were nice folks and that I am a stoned-out idiot!
  19. Been on an emotional seesaw since our "Reunion"!! Go from being nearly hysterical laughing from the look on your face, to praising Momma BPP for her class & grace in a tense spot, to worrying bout losing contact with you!!
    In spite of all, PoohGator & I did enjoy meetin' ya'll, and with a joint-decision(pun intended) look forward to another "Reunion at a future date!! LMAO!!! :smoking:

  20. If you had been with my ole lady you would have had a heart attack as well.

    Now DID I WIN?

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