The conspiracy as to why Marijuana(And other unspeakables) are illegal

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  1. Alright, I'm making this short and sweet.

    I discovered recently that there are alleged connections that say the US is secretly helping drug trafficking.

    Why would they do the opposite of what their law says?

    Heroin and cocaine are both dangerous and addictive and marijuana not so much but its all three are high in demand. The US probably thought marijuana was addictive(just popular) so it all fits in.

    They would keep it illegal because it is worth more.

    The US, or something in the US that the top parts of government know about, is making money off this somehow. If this alleged connection does exist, the person making the moves is probably someone near the top.

    Since these drugs are supposed to be addictive, high in demand, and worth a lot, its a great source of income, especially one in secret. Although busts will happen, in the end run, the amount of money that comes in is still absolutely unbelievable.

    How plausible do you think this theory is?

    I'm giving it a 7/10
  2. 10/10
    they sell the drugs make money, put the people in jail for using the drugs, more money
    win win situation for them
  3. [ame=]YouTube - Joe Rogan on Hemp, Marijuana and DMT[/ame]
  4. 2/10

    Good thinking, but that came much later. Its not the reason they made them illegal
  5. I was assuming everyone was aware of this context :p Although I think the reason why hemp got illegal... well we all probably know the story. Dupont and his buddies, including aslinger, teamed up to get hemp out of the industry or something like that using racism and the unknown, at the time, word marihuana with an H.
  6. i wasn't speaking of how they were made illegal, but why they are still illegal
  7. Drugs are illegal because I still live in a van.....down by the river.

    Your theory I give it a solid [​IMG]

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