The Conservative Welfare State

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    This is the idea I have been warning about. If the government pays for your food, your education, your healthcare, your housing, then most people believe it gives them a right to have a say in your life if they are paying for your existence.The welfare state goes hand in hand with totalitarianism. A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything away. 

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  2. Ard you saying helping the poor isnt worth a sophistocated form of world.slavery?

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  3. Exactly. Property rights are crucial and must precede all other rights. 
    Property, the fruit of one's labor, is an extension of their life. If that right isn't upheld, the premise that individuals do not own their lives is also accepted by default.
  4. A parent pays for their children, giving them final say (though they give leeway on many instances) over the decisions made for the child.
    What the child eats, wears, socializes with, education, their health, and so on and so on.  It is only when a person pays their own way as they grow older, that more autonomy is given.
    The welfare state is the parent on steroids, because it parents for everyone through direct & indirect means.  When the taxpayer becomes convinced that they are paying to raise an entire segment of society, the urge to parent (nanny state) those persons only grows, and can only be viewed as a natural consequence.
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  5. "conservative welfare state" is that what they call hoarding all the money , houses , etc
  6. Eloquently said. I 100% agree. 
  7. Its the idea that people are voting themselves into slavery through reliance.

    They vote away the jobs

    Then they vote themselves free stuff

    Then their government does whatever it pleases and people forgive it because thsy see them as generally good
  8. I think the main thing that fucks conservatives up is there evangelical christian sensibilities if they didn't believe in the Bible then they would eventually come to a libertarian understanding of the world. 
  9. The people maybe. But i think the people who control the republican party have an agenda irrelevent to the actual beliefs of their party.

    The war in iraq for example

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