The Conservative Government Anti-Marijuana Ads [Canada]

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    So last month, the governing political party in Canada - the Conservative Party - released an ad attacking marijuana use and the effects marijuana has on the adolescent brain. Note that this is just a year before the federal election here in Canada takes place; with the biggest opposing political party - the Liberal Party - seeking regulation and the legalization of recreational marijuana use. 
    The ad is intended to target "baby-boomer" parents who have teenagers, these parents being the majority of the Conservative Party's voters, and subsequently sounds a lot more like the same sort of propaganda that has come from the Conservatives since the 1950s on marijuana use. 
    My question for you blades is, why does there seem to be such a rift between political parties on the subject of marijuana "prohibition?" Personally, I stand to reason that more harm than good comes from the drug war we're currently fighting as more and more people get harassed and prosecuted for simple possession charges. Why do Conservatives (and Republicans for you Americans) stand in the way of this sort of progress? The ad is linked below, let me hear your thoughts.  :smoke:

  2. I cringed super hard when it showed up on tv the other day
  3. Seems like they're discouraging teen use more than anything.
  4. Good wedge issue.
    The Canadian Cons have done the math and know they only need 30% to form another majority.  Pretty boy Trudeau and pit bull Mulcair will split the vote and voila, 4 more years.
    Simple political math usually wins.
  5. I agree with Messiah, I guess it meant to target teens but it is on very frequently and honestly kind of embarrassing when it comes on because my older kids are teens and I'm pretty sure they know weed is kinda my thing.  Lol.
  6. What conservative government?

    We have the most.liberal.government we could have

  7. Everything they said was false though, no evidence it causes long term memory loss or short term memory loss while sober. Of course we all know it impairs short term memory when you're baked, but oh well?
    I've smoked since I was 14 and have no learning problems. Practically everyone in college smokes and they still manage to learn somehow. And decreased IQ is also bullshit.
    Wrong country, dude :love:
  9. my bad

  10. Honestly even the Conservative party is quite liberal compared to some American groups. When it comes to Canadian politics take names like Conservative Party and Liberal Party with a grain of salt.
  11. [​IMG]
    UN Statistics..
    The threads below with similar tags have the right idea about how to combat this.
    True, but at the same time they're still looking to get the message [further] instilled in the older generations that marijuana use is bad.
    I don't disagree with the regulation of marijuana and the age restriction the government would impose upon obtaining rec. cannabis, but the message should be directed towards the teens themselves so that we can stop this propaganda train thats plaguing Canada right now and get onto the, factual evidence, and objective research - diminishing this rift the political bodies have on the topic of marijuana legalization.

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