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The "Cons"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ummSteve, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Everything has pro's and con's.

    What are the con's associated with weed for you? I'll list a few that come to mind for me..

    1. When dealers "take their time" getting back to you...5 minutes takes 5 hours and so on..

    2. Obviously the munchies...luckily it is impossible for me to gain weight otherwise my parents would have caught on a long time ago.

    3. Occasionally when I smoke too much I just feel depressed...I feel I have a better understanding of everything about my life, and I can't think of anything happy and my life seems really depressing lol.

    4. The spins..
  2. 1. I can't currently afford to be high all the time.
    2. Even if you grow its not free.
  3. No cons man, everything better with a bag o weed.
  4. /thread
  5. Pros-
    -Video Games become real
    -Food is divine
    -You don't listen to music, you LISTEN to music

    -Eating way to much
    -Room becomes a mess do to being lazy
    -I could of bought Legos instead of weed
  6. Cons:
    - it's usually not free
    - you can get in trouble with the law if caught in most places
    - makes me fall asleep in the tub
  7. cost - for now. itll decrease as it becomes decriminalized and legalized because black market costs because you won't have to pay a black market cost and large competition will decrease price
    time - it's usually not a text, meet, done. it seems to take anywhere from a day to an hour to find a hookup that's available (if you don't buy in bulk. i just remember back in the day how many Saturday nights were spent trying to get weed and come Sunday morning we would have 3 options).
    legal risks - this one is pretty simply. in the vast majority of the world, consequences still exist for selling, possessing, or toking on weed.

    All these risks likely would become moot with legalization...
  8. -You don't listen to music, you LISTEN to music

    Soooo true hahaha
  9. Risk of getting caught is definitely number one for me.

    Since I dont vape it or eat it right now, there is obviously the health hazard of burning something and breathing in the smoke.

    My mind is a little cloudy the next day (I smoke once or twice a week) if i fall asleep really blazed/ I ALWAYS stumble upon my words the next day
  10. The price is still the only real con I've ever experienced.

    Actually, that and maybe tolerance.. Fuck tolerance lol. it just makes the first con even worse! lol
  11. cons
    -the law
    -getting burnt out

    -you get high
  12. Theres cons to the good ol herb?? HOW YOU DOIN?!?!
  13. Muchies
    Keeping a good hookup
  14. 1. getting ripped off :mad:
  15. the only cons arent too bad...
    1. using all my money
    2. being tired after high
    3. eating all my food

    the pros speak for themselves
  16. my only issue is that when i come off my high it hits me really hard
  17. -price
    -occasional skimp bag
    -availability when i am awake

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