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The Congo

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CanadianToke, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. I don't know about everywhere else, but in my area, the way to get high are from congos. Its probably called something different everywhere else but what you do is get a small metal tube thats almost the size of a pen in diameter and use it instead of a bowl.
    You snip about a quarter of an inch off an unused cigarette and then use the tube as a stamp on your busted up session and fill so theres no batch (tobacco) visible.
    Use the filled tube as you would a normal bowl piece and smoke away. If you can clear all of the batch and weed smoke in one hit you will be guaranteed fucked.

    So, who else does this and who wants to kill me for cross contamination?
  2. Well Canadian Toker dude,

    Sounds like you have made a crack pipe!
    Just joking sounds like an interesting way to bring along a couple hits to work or something.

    I'm from Manitoba and I have never seen anyone use this method, around here its doobs, joints, blunts, bongs and pipes. Oh and lets not forget about the hot knives for the oil (around here its weed oil not be confused with hash oil which is brownish, the oil around here is always greenish as its made from leaves and kiff using ISO)

    I'm guessing your further out west? or maybe southern Ontario?

  3. What the hell did you just describe? I'm lost.
  4. sounds kinda like a popper, but made out of the ssame principal of a one-hitter
  5. Are you saying you have a tube of weed at the end of a cigarette?
    I don't think I get what you're describing...
  6. i've never seen anyone smoke that way. its mostly pipes, bongs, and joints out here.
  7. can you post a pic cause i kinda dont get it......:confused::confused:
  8. sounds like the same concept of a glass blunt. i don't know if anyone knows what those are, though.

    imagine a test tube with a mouthpiece at the bottom, and filling the entire thing with weed. it's like that.
  9. Whoever said its like a popper, thats exactly what it is, I guess I should have said that. Congos are just smaller bowls that make it easier to burn the tobacco. HAHA Oh shit, heres a Wikipedia article, BTW Im Really close to this Orangeville they speak of in the article.
  10. Damn. I still can't quite grasp what it is. Maybe I'm dumb or something, I've never seen or heard of anything like this. Somebody should take a picture of one, I'd appreciate it. edit: lol guess not

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