The Conch

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  1. This is my Delta9 mini, also known as The Conch. The white slide is the one that I got when I got my piece. I bought the second slide later on because I wanted something smaller.

  2. Sexy!!! Mind if i ask how much this one set you back?? From where?
  3. [ame=]YouTube - YouTube Poop: The Shell has spoken![/ame]
  4. Thats one of the sexiest pieces i've seen. How much you pay?
  5. Gorgeous piece boy.
  6. all hail the mighty conch shell :hello:
  7. I feel like that would be sitting on the table in some celebrity's house, or some rich persons house, like in Entourage- they're always ripping sick ass glass bongs in entourage.
  8. Sick glass :D
  9. sick glass, that white bowl is way to big though lol
  10. Nice piece dude! How tall is it?
    I'm likin the bowls
  11. its about 10'' tall, the piece with the white slide cost me $80, and i paid 40 for the smaller slide. I am from MA but bought it in CT. it rips great and im glad you all like it :smoke:
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    milkshot with my new a/c (that's my brothers delta9 mini in the background as well)

  13. Beautiful man!
  14. Looks great!
  15. Looking nice, good milk vid
  16. sick piece and pictures, is it just me or does that beaker look ultra thin?
  17. its definitely thinner than the rest of the pipe but whatcha gunna do..
  18. Sweet piece, I'm actually a fan of the white. Where in CT did you get it from? I live in NY and I'm looking for a non-overpriced shop, like the ones in NYC.
  19. damn man both those slides are sick.
  20. Seems pretty stable, love it!

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