The concept of a government is strange to me.

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  1. Does anyone else realize the government is just a bunch of people who got good grades and now get to rule our country? There's no metaphysical hand guiding them or forcing us to follow their laws through mental mesmerizing, they simply have some buildings and some papers that they write things on and somehow we consider them all powerful. But what force makes them powerful other than general society's collective will to bow before their power which is ultimately self-imposed through years of emphasizing how much power they really have?

    What's stopping the people from collectively changing things when a good few of them realize the government is making bad decisions? I believe it's more fear than respect. Anyone with half a brain knows our government has been fucked for years. And I'm not some conspiracy theory worshiping retard, but our government is simply fucked and seemingly incapable of storing public information and using it to help us.

    Also, we are born into the law from birth, and all of it's punishments. We don't decide where we're born or who we're forced to bow down to, so we are all basically slaves from birth.

    This shit just blows my mind sometimes. Especially when I'm high as fuck.
  2. yep theres no conspiracy its all just coincidence.
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    Geithner, Bernanke, Obama and Keynesian economics are the four most perfect examples relating to the OPs post...

    Are we going to face this debt or not..
  4. Nothing strange about Government. Every try to fuck with some ants while they're doing their thing? It's very simple: For those that are in power - Poking and prodding the people is amusement.

    But when you poke and prod a dog too much, it'll eventually snap. That's what's happening right now. Big brother is trying to douse the fire they started at the moment.

    There - Government and the Status quo explained.
  5. Read up on the "Social Contract".

    If I had to sum it up in 30 words or less, the idea is that we have a deal with the government where it allows for us to lead better lives in return for taxes and obedience to the rules.

    Some people would disagree with that theory. However, while I personally agree with Locke's "Social Contract", I'm not here to champion it and argue about the role of the government. I'm just answering the OP's question of why we let the government rule over us.
  6. Currency is a man-made concept used to create the illusion of value in objects.

    We pay for natural resources. Laborers are payed because currency creates motivation, but without the concept of currency there would have to be a new system of obtaining these things or total anarchist wastelands. Even debt is just the loss of conceptual value. Nature doesn't put a price on anything and doesn't aid us in our debt.

    And that being said, I'm not a cynic. I love technology. But even then, without the concept of technology, I realize I wouldn't want it. The government has made us want something that was created by other people and put value into it so that we feel like we have a reason to let them rule us.
  7. In years past, governments hijacked religion almost combining the two in order to control people. More recently governments have positioned themselves as superior to religion as far as "the people" and their needs are concerned. I hear and see now-a-days those that think if you are religious you are somehow less intelligent or not as smart as others who put their faith in big government and are NOT religious.

    I really don't see the difference. People don't need other people to control them. If we are such superior beings to others on this planet (animals), why does it seem like we have so little control over our own lives? Got spontaneous order?

    "The measure of the state’s success is that the word anarchy frightens people, while the word state does not" — Joseph Sobran

    As Stefan Molyneux recently said:

    "When the state seems to be handing over the keys to libertarians, watch out, because the collapse is imminent, and when it happens the state will hang it on the necks of the libertarians, blame it on freedom, and justify another 1000 years of collectivism."

    To touch on what NasaJoe said,

    The rich rules over the poor, And the borrower becomes the lender's slave - Proverbs 22:7

    The fed is the rich, and the fed is the minions are the borrower and the slaves. Stupid religion, warning us of our own demise.
  8. Ok where do we sign up?

  9. I'll buy into their bullshit social contract when they actually hold up their end of the bargain - following their oath to protect, defend, and uphold the Constitution. Since that isn't likely to happen, fuck them and fuck their social contract.
  10. Social contract is a violation to our rights.
    Living in a condition of under rule without approval is a violation of our rights.
    The lawmakers tell us how to live is a violation of our rights.

    The list could go on.
  11. I'm high as fuck right now, but thanks for the replies, guys.
  12. They have a military.
  13. your point being?
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    People don't want to get fucking shot. It's not hard to understand that those with the weapons wield the power. It's the reason we have a 2nd amendment, to prevent that. But it's been changed with gun laws, new and old. They get automatic weapons, we don't. They get nuclear warheads, we don't. They get jet fighters, and any flying object not authorized by them gets shot down. And with the Jared Loughner thing, gun laws are becoming more strict, but only for the citizens, and not for the military.

    And MSM as well. The images they portray are purely negative, and in turn feed a negative culture. Scare tactics. Terrorism. And unfortunately, they're winning. The people are too docile. The only way things will really change is if we get the military on our side.

  15. What did I say about not being here to champion John Locke?

    I'm not trying to get into an argument about libertarian ideals, because they go no where, I'm just answering why a massive majority of the people in the United States allow the government to rule the land.
  16. Simple, public education and repetitive words by the regulated media. It took more than 100 years to get this point that it is acceptable to have gov to rule the land.

    Let it sink in and it will gradually become hot but they won't know it. However, when you throw them in a hot boiling water, they will jump out!

  17. Interesting how you turned a statement of mine into a question, then proceeded to answer it. :rolleyes:

    Save your conspiracy theories for someone yearning to believe in them, because I'm not.
  18. Hey, that's what I do.

  19. I have to say, you've summed it up very well.:hello:

    At its root, as you so well put it, the 'contract' is good for all. We get viable, honest rules of conduct, it allows all an even chance to be a success, have a minimal quality of life, and comfort that our decedents will prosper...worked as such for almost 100 years (for the most part) then it changed...BB became corrupt to the core via greed, bigotry, lack of ethics, no moral values...and the view point that We The People are there for their personal 'entertainment'.:(

    It's a shame BB has decided to turn our trust that allowed them to rule into that 'ant/stick' game. We no longer have a choice in how BB does things. If anyone has issues, and voices them, they are 'removed' and 'silenced'. :eek::mad::('s too early to get riled all over again (I just woke up)...but we need 1776 NOW!!!:mad:
  20. ^^ Then get people with money and influence involved

    I have talked to many many people, opened a lot of eyes, and OK so maybe personally I am not good enough with public speaking, or confident enough socially, or have the money or job to organize anything serious, but I can talk. And I use logic and I justify what I say, back it up with facts, always have proof to back up what I say and if not admit I could be wrong, and people believe me. It doesn't take money and power to change things and we can prove that.

    It's really about spreading the information. Getting people to at least think about it in a serious way. We the people need a new government, because we the people failed to keep those in power responsible for their actions, thus we the people need to take the country back and start all over again. These issues came about because we forgot our duty to our country. We felt entitled to not being envolved, unless active in the military or voting. We just ate up everything we were fed and gave none back. We need to learn from our mistakes.

    It is time that we the people make a country, for, and truly run by, the citizens of this nation. It is important that we know what is going on in politics, every single person. It is imperative that schools teach current events, including politics. It is necessary that each and every person is able to feel like a part of everything this country stands for, instead of an obstacle in the politicians way. What we disagree with, we need to stand up and do something about, and when this country is again lead by a true representative of the citizens of this nation, we will continue to stand up for ourselves and our country because we are each and every one a part of it.

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