The complete calvin and hobbes collection...

Discussion in 'General' started by GolgiApparatus, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. I have the collection sitting right above me head on the bookshelf.
  2. Awesome, my brother just left for school with the entire collection.

  3. Good man! me too.
  4. i love calvin and hobbes..... thanks golgi
  5. You could kill a small horse if you chucked the complete set at its head. The thing is damned heavy!
  6. ive been reading this strip religiously since i was like 7
  7. i love you. calvin and hobbes is the shit. anybody say anything differently to me and i will attack your ass... in true hobbes fashion,
  8. Have any of you actually played Calvinball? Me and my friend used to play all the time and we're planning on getting a little game going when he comes home in a few days.
  9. no. but i shall suggest it to my friends on a night of drinking. a game with no rules except those thought of on a spur of the moment. calvin is a young buck but so fuckin smart. well..sometimes. but i love it.
  10. Oh man that's awesome. Thanks so much lol.
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  12. That's awesome. unfortunately I'm 99% sure I've ready every comic panel ever produced by Bill Watterson.

    I love me some C&H.
  13. Thanks for the link! I already spent an hour reading it....

    Bill Watterson said he never agreed to any calvin stickers...
  14. and thats how it should be. Im glad C&H wasnt ever commercialized to death like garfield or peanuts.
  15. Definatly one of my favourite pieces of literature. +rep

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